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Zoltán Gera - The Magic Magyar

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Galatasaray is said to be interested in this young Hungarian striker what do you guys know about him, is he any good?
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Very impressed with Gera so far.
If Huszti plays like he did against Scotland, it will be superb. :)
I thought Gera was excellent and definetly man of the match, except Sky gave it to Kanu ???? Koumas has been wishy washy recently, dont know if he gets on with Megson.

this is on todays daily mirror in the UK

Today's Mirror says....

'West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace is flying to Hungary today to tie up a deal for left back Szabolcs Huszti

Peace will meet the international star - a friend of Albion's Zolton Gera - and Ferencvaros officials in Budapest to agree a fee for a January arrival. Huszti is out of contract at the end of the season and is likely to go for around £700,000'
there is a chat list on yahoo groups http://groups.yahoo.com

for west brom fans its jsut called


(its the nickname of the club)

You can either read all the posts on the web or have them mailed in batches of 25 messages or individual messages. It can get busy on some days with over 50-100 messages a day, but on the whole about 30-40. Its THE Baggies chat group, over 700 members and we have had the chairman and several media people on it too. Adrian Chiles who presents Match Of The Day 2 on BBC is on it.
good luck :)
Bentex said:

No you are right its an Ugly Andy Johnson pic :)

I have just sent an email to Sky asking them to correct the problem, we shall see if they take any notice ...
goalpdl said:
Why wasn't Gera playing yesterday? I did not see him on the field. West Brom looked terrible.

He was playing but, now dont ask why, he was subbed at half time.
When the teams came out for the second half and found out he'd been subbed, a chorus of "You dont know what you're doing!" rang around St. Andrews.

I can tell you, people are getting mightly peeved with Robsons CRAZY team selections.
that Gera movie is great :thumbsup:
One of the people on the Baggies chat list is hosting it, so I downloaded it from there.

Well done Bentex :star:
Its a shame you didn't get the build up and the cross Gera did for Kanu to score the goal on Saturday v Spurs. All the pundits were yacking on about poor defending and no on said, "Hey that cross was just awesome!" It was, he laid it on a plate for KAnu, superb cross. :star:
Well with the current way Bryan Robson has us playing we'll give anyone a run for their money.

If we hadn't had Megson in charge at the start I think we would be mid table now.
If we do stay up I think Robson will be able to get so much more better players for us, I can see us doing a good deal better next season.

I think when he took over the fans were optomistic about us staying up but it maybe too much to ask for.

We will see.
WBA played 4-3-3 away at Chelsea and narrowly lost 1-0.

We had Kanu, Campbell, and Horsfield up front.
Gera wide left, Wallwork central mid, and Richardson wide right.
Defence of Robinson, Clement, Gaardsoe, Albrechtsen.

Gera started the game off playing left midfield and unsurprisingly wasn't very effective, Kieron Richardson played right mid. 2nd half Gera was back on the right and we look much better. Richardson then became ineffective and was subbed for Greening. Some of Gera's passing was great splitting the Chelsea defence wide apart, but only for our forwards to get the ball tangled in their feet.

We had chances to score, Gera hit a good shot from the left side of the goal and curled the ball just past the far post with Petr Cech scrambling across to try and save the ball, but the shot went the wrong side of the post for us.

TBH Drogba was woeful he missed chance after chance and we could have lost by a lot more. Maybe I'm being to harsh on both sets of strikers and the ball and pitch were wet making control difficult?

Still we are away to Charlton at the weekend and I imagine we'll be back to 4-4-2 with Gera wide right again.
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If only we had a whole team of Gera's :D
If you haven't seen the cross for the first goal it was truly outstanding, and I doubt many other players in the world could do that,

Zoltan Gera :star:
Bentex did you capture the terrible tackle on Zoltan that got El Kahkouri sent off?

He was lucky that it wasn't lower or he could have broken his leg.
Our game v Everton at home on April 3rd 16:05 KO GMT is live

Also our games v
Arsenal (Mon 2nd May 20:00 GMT)
Man Utd (Sat 7th May 17:15 GMT)

Complete listing of games left to play
Sun 03 April, West Brom v Everton 16:05 (Live On Sky)
Sun 10 April, Aston Villa v West Brom 12:00 (not sure if this is live)
Wed 20 April, Tottenham v West Brom 19:45
Sat 23 April, Middlesbrough v West Brom 15:00
Mon 02 May, West Brom v Arsenal 20:00 (Live on Sky)
Sat 07 May, Man Utd v West Brom 17:15 (Live on Sky)
Sun 15 May, West Brom v Portsmouth 15:00

West Brom v Blackburn (originally Sat 16th April, but Blackburn are in the FA Cup semi with Arsenal that day)
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Bentex said:
who is bendex?

I had this game live btw, it was on some strange channel that nobody watches :)
Isn't it some sort of window spray cleaner? ;)

Oh no thats Windex! :wallbang:
That was a remarkable save from Sorensen from Gera in the second half.
I couldn't believe he saved it.

By the look on Gera's face, he couldn't either.
goalpdl said:
He will get them next time. :) He is almost there.

Ok...I am throwing something out. After watching most of the EPL teams this season, if Gera were to leave WBA, I think Gera would be a good fit for Liverpool. Liverpool's form in Europe has been great. I am not convinced that Gerrard will stay. Zoli's touch and vision would great for Morientes. They have more of a flowing game that matches Zoli's abilities.

Unlike Earnshaw, I think Morientes would bury those nice passes.
Amen to that, Earnshaw just shoots from anywhere, doesn't look at the biggesr picture. I get the feeling he has been taught at a lower level that he wont score unless he shoots, which is true, but not always the most prudent thing to do in the prem.
Gera is looking a bit leg weary I have to say. He wasn't his dynamic self on Tuesday, but we had other players who missed good chances so that we should have won.

Our next game is Live on Sky Sports 1 v Arsenal on Monday night.
So it should be available live in Hungary too or certainly on a stream somewhere.

Also our game the following Saturday is live as well v Man U. 17:15pm Ko. BST.
I think Gera unfortunately is running out of steam.

He did say that even though he thought he had prepared for the physical game of the Prem, it had taken him aback somewhat.

I think right now you are seeing a player trying to give 110% as he always does, but one that is mentally weary. He needs a good holiday :)

However I think the team missed Richardson in the centre as he and Zoli link up well. But he couldn't play as we loaned him from Man U.

The first half we were only closing down in the last third of the pitch, which was silly giving a team like Man U that much time on the ball. We weren't even at the races.
Second half we pressed as soon as the ball got in our half and we played a lot better.

Richardson will be back with Gera on Sunday in the final game at home v Portsmouth.
One thing for certain though, either Palace or West Brom will go down, maybe both.
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Gera has broken his hand after that nasty fall he had so the rumours are saying at the moment, but he played on despite the pain. :star:
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