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Here is an update for you fans who wanted some proof that Zinedine will be joining Liverpool for next season.

He has been invited over to England by Gerard Houllier to watch Liverpool play against Wimbledon. He will be in the crowd so you will be able to see him there. I will be there also.

Zinedine has been impressed by the Liverpool team over recent weeks and is looking forward to joining but there are still some small things to be smoothed out. Gerard Houllier is confident that Liverpool will be in the Champions league next season which also pleases Zinedine.

I hope this goes some way to apologising for up setting you with some of the things I wrote last time.

Liverpool is being taken very serious by clubs in Italy and other europe countries too. Gerard Houllier has a lot of respect among coaches in Italy as well as France and Spain. Most fear him and what he could do with Liverpool in the next few seasons, especially if Zinedine joins, as I am even more sure know than I was last time that he will.


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to tell u the truth...
Zidane may come but will he get to play..
if he does do we have to sell redknapp???
gerrard and hammann ar doin a great job for liverpool...
we gonna sell any of them??

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anyway letting ZZ watch a game of ours doesn't mean he's keen to join the club!!

juv will by no means said that they are willing to let him go..and he'll cost at lesat 15M!!!!
ok we might have the money..but as said before...we might have to sell redders most probably..!

anyway zidanesbestmate,who are you!??i mean where did ya get all those news!???

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His wife does not like the city of Turin, maybe she'll like Liverpool beter. If she wanted to go to Manchester, I'd advice her to stay in Turin.

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Have any of you been to Liverpool before?

Like all northern English cities it is AN INDUSTRIAL SLUM! Not as bad as Birmingham or Leeds. Probably slightly worse than Manchester. But a slum nevertheless.

If Zidane's wife doesn't like Turin then she's gonna HATE Liverpool.

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i wonder y u say that??
i that because u are a EVERTON FAN????
well it seems like u are...
maybe ur just jealous....
can't everton attract big names???
ohh whoopss...sorry.....
they can't... :)
(MOSSCHOPS-U seem to be the only one interested in everton...that's u ur the only moderator.....and probably the only one in the everton forum....hahahaha..... :) )

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Umm... You maybe didn't realise this but Everton play in Liverpool as well. :)

It's not a very pretty place. That's all I'm saying.

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i'd find it weird that ZZ's wife would want to come to england..i thought she wanted sunny areas...and england certainly doesn't have too many..if not at all :(

hey ,yeah everton and l'pool are both in the same city and just neighbours!

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Hey lads - I know its fun, but we've been over this ground many times before. Can we leave this topic until the summer or until something concrete happens. The only concrete things so far are that Juve are willing to part with ZZ and that he watches matches with Houllier, but as they are friends and love football and ZZ currently has time on his hands, then why not? Oh and I've lived in Liverpool(5 years) and Italy(1 year)and Turin is a paradise in comparison to Liverpool which must be the only city I know that still looks like its at war.

Anyway this stevie gerrard geezer is gonna be far better than ZZ.

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u know what!???

at koptalk..there's a part interview of edgar davids who says ZZ might be coming to england!!!
so maybe everyhting zidanesbestmate said wasn't all fake.... :D

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honestly months ago..i didnt' believe a single stuff about that ZZ rumour...

but now i'm having doubts...

cos it seems as if ppl want to keep this as a secret and unlike other rumours....this one looks much more serious..
GH sometimes denies he's gonna buy players...and then just when u expect him least to make a move..he makes it!!
rememeber with henchoz for ex!?
he always denied he was aout to buy him...he watched him ...but always said he wasn't interested..rumours were aboudn at that time..but then just when the rumours were dying GH bought him all at once!!without giving other clubs to make an auction! :D
he's so smart!

then if u study the interview..it does seem as if edgar davids made a mistake..
he didn't want to say that ,,but unconsciously he told and gave hints about ZZ

he said when ZZ's gonna leave ,he'd be able to play in a more offensive role...
then the interviewer said: so ZZ's leaving !?for l'pool!?

then edgar just said he doesn't want to discuss other player's stuff..and wanna discuss aboutother things...
meaning he's reluctant to talk more about ZZ

so maybe a secret negotiation is going on...

anyway i could be wrong .but i dont' think anyone would mind if i indeed was...do ya!? :D :eek:

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Maybe he is comming over to watch Wibledon and sign for them.
We will all just have to wait and see .
To his best mate .....

Tell Zizou I said hello and look forward ????
to seeing him wear the LFC shirt :> )
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