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last night i was with a friend of mine who is a Juv's fan , he said that Zidane is better than Veron because these points :-

1) Juv has 254 shots to Goal this season and Zidane made 198 of them ,, Lazio has 218 shots to Goal and Veron made 146

2) Zidane played with an injury but Veron played with no injury

3) World Soccer Magazine made a vote for who is the best between these 5 players (veron , zidane , bekham , rivaldo , figo)
rivaldo became the first then zidane then bekham then figo and the last was veron

4) Cnn made the same vote and the results were the same as above

5) Zidane has been chosen for the calcio stars 15 times but Veron been choosed 10 times

6) Maradona says that Zidane reminds me with my self when i was young , and Veron is a good player

after all ,, i am preparing a reply for him ,, and i would like to check if these information he provides true , and is there sources point that Veron is best than Zidane ?

also i want to have many things to make a good reply

Veron is the best

only Lazio + Argantine ....

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I would hav ranked those guys like this:

1. Figo
2. Veron
3. Rivaldo
4. zidane
5. Why the **** is pussyham even being mentioned with these names??

And i agree that Verons best days are ahead of him, while Zidane is on his way down.

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Veron is only 25 years old, and he still has so much ahead of him.
Zidane is a great player. I'd like to think that in about two or three years from now, Veron's gonna be just like Zidane was when he played for the WC 98.
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