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Softly spoken, generous and always with a smile... this is Martinho de Oliveira Filho, the longest serving employee in the Brazilian Football Federation – CBF. With 60 years of service, Mr. Martinho, as he is called by colleagues, started as an office-boy working for the old Brazilian Sports Federation – CBD, now the CBF.

Martinho got his job with the CBD through an Uncle. At that time their was not a separate entity for each sport: “The CBD organized not just football, but also rowing, athletics, swimming, volleyball and other sports”, said Mr. Martinho.

In the transition from the CBD to the CBF, Mr. Martinho has carried out numerous tasks, working as a boy, as a filing clerk, then moving to player transfers and even behind the turnstiles in Maracana, of which he has some fond memories: “People used to have class in the old days”. For someone that saw supporters in suits and ties (as football was watched in those days), things have certainly changed quite radically.

Mr. Martinho was born in Vila Isabel on 25 July 1923. About to turn 77, the smiling Mr. Martinho has not let up in the pace of his work, now working with the Sports Tribunal as a secretary. Alongside his colleagues, Mr. Martinho is famous for his organized desk and his neatness and tidiness.

Mr. Martinho has plenty of stories to tell about the years he has worked in the sporting field and is happy to recount them: “When we moved the CBF to Rua da Alfandega, it was a mess. The building did not even have a lift and the furniture had to be roped in through the windows”.

As all the employees in the CBF, Mr. Martinho has a profound love and knowledge of football. He himself played for Andarai F.C., a club that no longer exists, and is an avid supporter of Vasco da Gama. His heroes are Peracio and Patesko who played for Botafogo and Hercules and Tim (Fluminense).
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