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HA HA It is really easy to see the difference in Nedved and the others, I mean Nedved is´nt half the size of Vieri or Ventola !!!

By the way I read in another topic that you , Tazz really liked Ze Elias !!! I on the other hand must say that I really hate that guy !! Right after he joined Bologna, and we faced them he just coul´nt stand up, as soon as a player where within reach of him he fell to the ground and hoped for a freekick, and I hate that kind of players...and to mention a few more players like that I can start with the MASTER himself : PIPPO !!!

Then we have another guy that unforunatilly Inter already signed...and that is SUKUR !! I can´t stand him either, but if he score 15 goals for Inter I might accept the signing :)
but if he does´nt, I say GET RID OF HIM !!!!!!

Well that´s all I have to say for the moment !!!


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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