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Well guys when INTER play Lazio every time we have played Lazio since they signed Nedved when Zanetti and Nedved cam face to face Nedved has always come out victorious.

He almost always gets the better of Zanetti. Not because he is better than Zanetti but because the two players are so similar and Zanetti is more defencive while Nedved is an attacker.

The bottom line is that they are two fantastic players.

If you wanna talk about players that look alike here goes.

ALl these players can pass for one another in the right light and hair do.


These guys if the light is right do indeed at times look like one another.

I remember a few years back when we were in the Champions league and Djorkaef scored a last minute goal against Sturm Graz. Zanetti took off his shirt and was behaving like a lunatic hollering for joy. And for months i though it was Ventola. Its only when i saw a replay recently that i realized that Ventola was behind the goal celebrating with Djorkaef so it had to be Zanetti. I loved that game. It showed the talents of Ousmane Dabo who played about 75 minutes.
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