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Zanetti on his way to SPAIN ???

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The latest Inter news says that our captain Zanetti is going to move to a spanish club !!! Barcelona and Real madrid are really interested in the player ...

I hope Moratti and lippi are going to shut this romour ?
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. Inter Milan’s Argentine international Javier Zanetti, who has recently been linked with a move to Real Madrid, may actually be playing for Barcelona next season.

“If one club is closest to signing Zanetti, it is Barcelona, not Real Madrid,” said Zanetti’s agent Jorge Oliva.

According to Oliva, relations with the Catalan club have always been good, while relations with Real have been “nonexistent.”

“They had thousands of opportunities to speak to me about Javier’s situation, and they never bothered,” said Oliva. “Madrid’s supposed interest doesn’t exist.”

A year ago, Barca president José Luis Nuñez told Oliva that Zanetti would always be on Barca’s agenda, and despite Nuñez’s pending departure from office, Zanetti’s appearance on Lorenzo Serra Ferrer’s shopping list has revived the Catalans’ interest in the Argentine wide-man.

Zanetti has said he would love to play beside Luis Figo, although he would want to know what Inter has planned for him before making any decision to leave the Milan club.

Meanwhile, Oliva wants to wait until Barcelona’s presidential elections are completed in order to avoid Zanetti’s name being used as an electoral weapon.

“The relationship we have with Barca would facilitate a transfer, as they are the only club who have expressed serious interest in Zanetti,” said Oliva.
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From inter's official website:

As for Zanetti, Inter officially deny rumors about his supposed transfer to Barcelona. The club will clear up the question with Zanetti's manager Jorge Oliva. As far as Inter is concerned, the Argentinian manager never manifested any intention of transfering the player.

So this should shut up all those madrid and barca fans.
Thanks a lot InterQ8 for giving proof of what I have said for a week now to the R.Madrid fans.
I really don't think that Inter should sell Zanetti, he is one of the best, constant players Inter has; and he is our captain. No one could replace him.

This decision is 100% up to inter. In the official web site he said that he would be delighted to join madrid club; but if Inter decided to keep him, that it would be wonderful too.
So if he goes, it would be Inter's fault.
His agent has reported that offers have been made but awaiting a reply from Zanetti:
ANd according to his agent Zanetti is leaning more towards staying with INTER:
is a figo zanetti swap good
If I remember correctly, the Zanetti transfer to Real Madrid was a project of the Sanz Candidacy. If that's the case, the possibility of him moving to Madrid is distant right now (to say the least). On the other hand, you never know.

What Gigi said is true: he even said it in an interview for the spanish press (Diario As). Recoba, you should know about it too since you've read the interview.

In any case, it's Inter's call.
real and barca will use zanetti for votes
No need to do that any more, the Real Madrid elections are over.

The player will go only if Inter sells him. Otherwise, he cannot go anywhere.
Yes,I know hala. Inter has no intend of letting him go as I have said lots of times in The Real Madrid forum.
well they are over but there is alot of talk over the elections
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