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Zanchi vs. Del Piero

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It was the year 1998, and Marco Zanchi faced a seriously tough predicament with a then in-form Alessandro Del Piero in the early season's match Udinese - Juventus. He ultimately broke Del Piero's leg, accidental of course, but remembers the memories with sadness. Del Piero comforted Zanchi and assured him everything was alright even though Zanchi received death threats from Juventus fans. However, in Del Piero's return against Udinese, a show of sportsmanship as Del Piero shook hands with Zanchi.

I still can't believe Zanchi and DP are in the same team.
When DP was injured, i thought i had a better chance joining Juve than Zanchi.
I thought DP will never forgive that guy. Now he is a Juve player and he is good........Well, he better turn out to be a Nesta or Cannavaro or i shall never forgive what he did to DP.
And to all those who hate DP, this is prove that he is not just a talented player on the pitch, but also a real gentleman. That's why he's my fav.:)
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Nice little story Yuan. When Zanchi transfered I knew his name sounded familiar, but I didn't know why. All sorts of things can go wrong in life and Del Piero is facing them so bravely. I mean this is the guy who blamed himself for Italys loss to France in Euro2000. I really hope more than ever that a good person like him can come back to his best again.

FORZA Del Piero.
I watched that match and never remember his name. Zanchi.
welldone yuan, you have juve/delpiero's history
I think all Juve fans remember Zanchi one way or another.
And to all those Del Piero haters i'll tell you something:
when he was in form evertbody was praising him onhow good he was and how much talent he had. Now that he's had a bad year everyone is critising him and it's not fair. In Inzaghi's case he just isn't playing the way he used to.
You could classify me as one of those Inzaghi and Del Piero critisizers. I think both of them have always been quite good at Juve but for the national team they have done basically nothing(3 goals between them in 2 major tournaments). I have never praised Inzaghi or Del Piero while playing for the azzuri, I never liked what they did for us, but at Juve they have always been quite good(except maybe last season). So although I am one that critisizes DP an Pippo(with the Azzuri only), I am not one of those people who loved them at first so I am not one who turned his back on them.
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