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Zamorano misses a penalty!!!

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A teribble penalty from Bam Bam in the 10th, between Chile and Venezuela.
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has CHile cored yet this is getting ridiculous. First Brasil won't make it to the W.C. :):):) and now Chile is going down too...AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

this is phuckdiculous!!!!!!!

2-0 Tapia + Zamorano
Brazil will make it and i hope chile will 2 :)

Yes i am glad Chile won. i really hope they make it to th W.C. instead of Paraguay.

I much prefer Colombia Chile Uruguay and the big two.

As for the play-off i think it should be CHile because with only Angel and Recoba Colombia and Uruguay don't have enough fire power to beat Australia easily.
Australia will never be good enough....sorry about all the Australian fans...but Australia are probably gonna face Brazil.....so.....bye bye..........even if it's chile, uruguay, OR colombia....bye bye.....South America is simply too much for them......Remember last World Cup?? HAHAHAHA, Iran beat them.....deservedly.....hehehe, i'm saying this cause i'm Iranian, but they did deserve it.....Iran is just too underrated...........
It wold be nice to see Kewell aa W.C. but it probably won't ever happen
Well hopefully Chile can win the next 3 against Brasil at home (i doubt it :)), Colombia at home (very possible) and ecuador away (hard because of the altitude but very possible) with ZA-SA back together :)

Ok please Zane your Iranian so your allowed to love Iran but they deserved to beat australia :confused:
did u watch the games? did u see iran in malebourne? they played 10 minutes in the whole game!!
and the ref missed an iran offside and viduka being pulled down in the box!! The ref was banned for 6 months for that!! How can u say that Iran deserved to win or played better!!!

I think that australia would have a good chance of beating urugay, chile or colombia!!
with a full strenghth team that is!!

bosnich (man utd)
Lazaridis (birmingham city)
Moore (rangers)
Vidmar (rangers)
Muscat (Wolverhampton)
Kewell (leeds)
Okon (Middlesbrough)
Zelic (1860 munich)
Emerton (feyenord)
Viduka (leeds)
Aloisi (coventry)

thats no push over team and would smash iran!! But they wouldnt have a chance against teams like Italy, France, Argentina, Brasil!!
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well fistly zam scored a nice goal
secondy australia are a good team with many superstars but they often prefer club over country
i doubt it.......did u see Iran's world cup team??
Rock solid......plus, there's no one on the Australian team that can stop Azizi, or Hamburg right midfielder Mahdavikia (equivalent of kewell, trust me), and there's also leverkusen's upcoming Moosavi....the thing is, australia were lucky to draw in teheran, and like i said, iran is too underrated.....but they're getting SOME respect now....

Everyone reading, mark my words, Ali Karimi will take Iran to the top......the guy was wanted by van gaal at the age of 20......he got banned for a year, but now he's back....

One day, the talent level will be realized....

oh, and El Matador, no disrespect to Australia....they're a good team, but i still think Iran has the edge....by the way, Iran has 11 players playing in the german top division, two in second, one in Austria with Sturm Graz (see sports.yahoo.com/m/world , two in greece, three in belgium, two in MLS...........they were all transferred within 6 months....other than Daei......
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well daei is as great as viduka and azizi is as good as

even though Iran are the team i hate most in the world but I still respect them as a good team
Thank you Abdul, for the respect not for hating Iran's team.....uhh, from your name, i'm guessing your from somewhere in the Middle East...Like kuwait, Saudi or something??
I might be mistaken, but your name is Arabic...
No disrespect, I'm from the Middle East, so i just wanted to see if u were too.......

As for you guys.....Mahdavikia is a superb superb player.

Iran have a good team. You must give them the respect.
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