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On the italian section, there's been some serious talks going on for about a few days!
Zac has warned Milan's management that if they don't get him the players he wants then they can go and look for another coach! Zac has also complained about the fact that he is not being listened from the management (Galliani and Braida) and also because of the failure of signing Farinos that Zac wanted badly, the possible (god forbide it) coming of Pippo Inzaghi and the selling of Gattuso and more importantly the selling of Bierhoff...
Anyways, here's the players Zac has requested:
Laursen, from Udinese, Jesper Gronkjaer and Tomasson... A Danish trio.....Not something to feel proud of!

When i see players that Lazio, Inter, Juve, Parma or Roma have already bought or are trying to get, then i feel really disgusted by the management's questionable decisions.

What do you think humble people Rossonero?

Forza Il Vero Magico Milan!

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SanSiro i guess Laursen is from Verona.
Well Gronkjaer can play in both wings,its ok.
About Laursen--Dont know nothing just know he is a defender.
But why Tomasson-- i have absolutely no idea.

Thinking what is Milans primary goal this year.I guess every temas in Serie-A who have qualified for Cl is paying serious attention to it.But as i see Milan lacked that thing.I think Parma also biulding a strong team which could make them a serious contender for scudetto.

Well i will wait but for how long??

I just hope Milan could sign its best though.

Forza Milan!!

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hmm, maybe the other clubs have a better transfer campaign, maybe, we can just see and compare if it is finished (exactly, you can just say if the transfer campaign was succesful at the end of the season or (if you radically buy young players) at the end of some seasons).

But there is one thing I want to mention because I sometimes have the feeling some people forget this fact:
The other clubs are also loosing great players.

so if you say, hey, Parma signed Salas and Almeyda, do not forget, they LOST Crespo.
And Lazio has signed Crespo, but lost Salas and Almeyda :) (logically, isn't it?)
and they lost Stanic
Juve has signed Trezeguet, but may loose Inzaghi. Inzaghi is not the most like player, and he is some years older (so this is the typical transfer politic of Juve, selling stars and getting younger players). But at the moment I would say Inzaghi is a better striker than Trezeguet
Inter signed some players, too, but they lost Peruzzi. As long as clubs are swapping players, they just change their face, some may get stronger, some weaker, but usually they should stay nearly equal.

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San Siro 1, you know how I feel--I am in league with the Italian posters at MM. I am disgusted with the public statements of our "fine" management, I am also disgusted with the about-face they have done.

Just like all of us, Galliani sat in the stands game after game not looking a bit pleased with what he saw, and he promised changes. Now this reversal, saying we buy no more, we do no transfers maybe until October, we don't want tp upset the balance of the team. San Siro 1, I feel this is pure bulls*it. I suppose there are several ways to look at even this however, but that does not mean I am any less angry and upset with it. Publically we are being made to look like fools. We chase players and almost have them signed, and then claim we don't want/need them or they are not good enough and so we lose them to another team. Then suddenly we are interested again, but by this time the player is the one who says he does not want Milan. What on earth does this look like to others in the league?

San Siro, I'm like you in my disgust at watching what other teams are doing to improve...while we sign someone from Monza. :( While our management says our squad is good enough as it stands, as if they didn't suffer thru a season of barely clinging to a 3rd place finish.

Psycho, your comment about other teams losing great players makes some sense....but the fact still remains that at least these other teams show some movement and are not going public with the comments Milan is.

San Siro, I know you've been saying how much discussion there is in the Italian forum at MM....would you be able to give us brief summaries? I can read some Italian but not enough to follow and it takes forever to translate a posting at Altavista. I'm curious to know what others like yourself think. As it stands now, I am trying desperately to cling to the hope all this talk is a smokescreen and we're going to do one or two major moves yet this summer before all the good players are signed elsewhere.
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