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Here the interview before the game Inter-Udinese made by the paper " il Friuli"

I love u Zac :proud:

(i'm sorry for the bad translation but my english is still crap! lol)

He really love Udinese…because if you ask him about scudetto,he talk about the missed one with Udinese and not the important scudetto gained with Milan….

If I have a sorrow, beyond that i’m arrived with 5 years of delay in Inter,(that is the team who i support since when i was child) it is to have lost the great occasion to gain the scudetto in Udine.
Well in that season the Juve of Del Piero and The Inter of Ronaldo flew. But we with the “trio delle meraviglie” (Poggi,Bierhoff,Amoroso) could indeed make it.

Make one classifies of the players that u had in Udinese

Between Amoroso and Bierhoff ..please, i can’t chose.
Poggi most loved by my heart
Rossitto most tenacious and useful
Stroppa the most talents
Caniato the most scared before all games
Desideri not easy to convince

Ok,now we can talk about that missed scudetto and to the great 3’place gained and the winning time in Uefa Cup against Lods and the victory agains Ajax…

The match against Ajax is the most beautiful match of my life. More people, a great coreography,one paradise game. We scored 2 goals but unfortunately Cappioli missed one easy goal and so at the second leg we was out.

After this game you decided to change team…

Yes, Moratti wanted me and i wanted to go,so i talked with the president and he told me that was ok and he had some calls with Spalletti(that in the end goes to Samp)and then to Guidolin!!!
But Moratti at the end didn’t call me anymore.....
Fortunately Galliani, with Bierhoff and Helveg called also me.
But unfortunately he saked me after one year.

And what about Lazio?

I have not more good memories about this time…

How u judges Spalletti and witch players you’d like to stole to Udinese?
First of all Per Kroldrup! Then Pizarro and Janckulovski and in the end my favourite Martin Jorgensen

:proud: :heart:

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But Zac was Milan´s coach nearly 3 years. He came there ahead of the 98/99 season and was sacked in February or March 2001.

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Zac in fairness did'nt have an A grade squad at Milan,And in a way even though we arsed the scudetto we still one it with a below par team IMO.
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