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Za De Fiel

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Man, I hate to start crap. But, have any of you Spanish supporters dealt with this moron yet called Za de Fiel? He started a whole thing in the WC forum, how he feels that la Liga is only good because of foriegners. Here's an example of his garbage!
Well, you can count on your fingers the SPANISH players that are super stars in the Spanish league......probably only Raul.....the rest are foreginers and mainly Brazilians. Were are Spanish players, were were they in the hisotyr of foootball.......you can count on your fingers the great native stars they have had!

Meanwhile he knows crap about Spanish football. Even after I showed him proof that there are as many or even more excellent Spanish players in la Liga than foriegners, he still kept going on that la Liga would suck if it weren't for all the Brazilian players! I've never met anyone so stubborn on these forums like this guy. I thought some of you might get a kick out of his idiotic postings.

Check it out:
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Mmhh... let him be an idiot, that only shows his ignorance and maybe his envy towards our league too. I could care less:D
Ze is a bit extreme, you gotto be ready for his style being a little aggressive ;) But he is a good guy except that he hates Roberto Carlos :mad: ;)
Za De Fiel is proberly one of the most knowledge able persons on XT. I also think that there`s no good idea whatsoever to start a topic in the name of someone and to try and lynch him. Maybe you should fix that Micke? Anyway, one day maybe you too "Mendieta", will have the same knowledge as Za.
as there is a saying in Brazil goes : " falem mal de mim, desde que falem de mim";) :D Translation: "Talk bad of me, as long as you talk about me":tongue:

Good to see that i annoyed you!;) :cool:
Knowledgable???? Come on guys! Mabye, when it comes to Brazilian football, but he doesn't seem to know anything about la Liga. He seems to be good when it comes to historical facts, but I don't think he knows much about the present Liga. Just the fact that he made a comment that la LIga does well because of all the Brazilians and Yugoslavians! Yugoslavians???? THis comment alone left me dumbfounded. All the guy does is start trouble about how la Liga is crap and isn't worth anything without Brazilians. I'll admit he knows his stuff when it comes to Brazilian football and I won't debate that. But, to say that la Liga is worthless without Brazilians doesn't sound knowledgable to me. Even after myself and Glen both showed him proof that his comments we're unfounded, he still went on insulting Spanish football. And this isn't the first time I've seen him do it. He's always bashing Spanish football and calling it a mediocre league. You want to talk about knowledgable, then take a look at Glen's posts or Labas. These guys know their football inside out. I was just trying to make clear to Za De Fiel, that it's one thing to have an opinion and another thing to insult a whole nation's football league and call it crap! I didn't intend it to be a lynching. I just wanted other Spanish supporters to realize what kind of unfounded garbage this guy likes to spread about our Liga. I don't hate the guy personally, I just find his comments about la Liga very annoying and insulting, that's all. Anyhow, Micke you can erase this thread if you feel it's inappropriate, sorry....
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as there is a saying in Brazil goes : " falem mal de mim, desde que falem de mim" Translation: "Talk bad of me, as long as you talk about me

Hee, hee... Za De Fiel my friend. I knew it wouldn't take you long to answer. Yeah the truth is your comments did annoy me because I love Spanish football. And I found them to be insulting and degrading to our league. Personally, I have nothing against you, I just find your opinion about Spanish football insulting especially since you don't seem to be too knowledgable when it comes to la Liga. But, I guess we are entitled to our opinion, even if it is warped. I'm sure our little World Cup arguement won't be the last time we exchange words. Hmmm, Brazil 1 - Portugal 1??? Isn't that the same score of the game Spain had the other day against Portugal as well.
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I don't doubt about his knowledge, but in this case Mendieta is absolutely right. If you read his post in the WC forum you'll see everything except knowledge about La Liga:eek:
Ze Da Fiel is :cool: .. If anything he may be too Brazilian .... As I am probably Too Chilean and you Mendieta a little Too Spanish...

These board discussions are to be disected not with the :heart: , but sometimes with your :ass: .. It works wonders !!!!

Your probably right Colo Colo, we all get too caught up in our nations pride sometimes.
Dude, I work and study so i really do not have the time to watch every league in the world, and if i wanted to see teh spanish league i would have to splash more money out of my pocket, which taking the balance i don't think it compesates cause Spanish football is not my cup of tea.

You say i don't know nothing about La liga.....frankly who cares?:confused: :rolleyes:

I bet you know nothing about brazilian footabll and i know much more about English football than you'll ever do.
And i bet i know much more about world cup than you'll ever do, even if you read every single book there is abnout the topic.

And about all this knowing this and knowing that, who frankly cares??

The only problem mendieta is that YOU are a little coward. Makign this thread in a forum that i have never posted before just to get people to hate me. I don;'t care if people hate me or like me, cause really i doubt i'll ever meet 1% of peolple in xtratime, and it would not make a big difference if i did (althought some expcetions apply to close friends that i have online such as Alexx, Falcao, natalya etc....)
After all what is the purpose of this thread....... i mean keep it up, slag me as you want, cause as i said in my last post" talk bad of me, as long as you talk about me";)

please don't erase the thread.....let it up, cause the guy that made it does not have the balls to asume his errors (if he even consider an error talking behind people's back)
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cause the guy that made it does not have the balls to asume his errors (if he even consider an error talking behind people's back)

What???!!! Hmm, wasn't you stating in the Brazilian forum that I'm an idiot to other fellow Brazilian supporters? Give me a break dude. Prior to that, I've never once mentioned your name in the Spanish forum and I've kept our arguments and differences between the two of us. But, if your not going to respect that, then why should I. Oh and how is it that I'm talking behind your back? Talking behind your back would imply that I'm saying things here which you don't know about. Frankly, this thread isn't different than what I've said to you directly, so how is that talking behind your back?

I bet you know nothing about brazilian footabll and i know much more about English football than you'll ever do.
And i bet i know much more about world cup than you'll ever do, even if you read every single book there is abnout the topic.

Man, your the one always going on about how la Liga is crap without foreigners. Did I ever start passing judgements that Brazilian football is crap or that English football is this or that. I never said that i knew more than you about Brazilian football, but my whole point is that I don't pretend too. If your admitting that la Liga is not your cup of tea and that you don't have the time to watch every league in the world, then how can you make such comments about la Liga! Oh and by far your best comment, is that I don't have the balls to admit when I'm wrong or when I've made an error. That's very funny coming from you. Even after Glen and San Siro 1 we're pointing out the obvious to you that your comment about la LIga was wrong, you still wouldn't admit that you we're wrong. Tell me, who's more stubborn????
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Cutting someone's post into parts and then discussing is not the fairness way to argue you know.

And btw, can you exlpain the objective of the thread, acuse as far as i remember the topic in the WC forum occured last week!

And about calling you names, i had alrady called you in the world cup forum thread....and it this thread does nothing to help me change my view on you!:) :D :tongue:

thanks for the support dude, i missed your post in the first time i came here!;)
We have a good saying too: "This little dog might be very courage, if it barks on elephant".

Many fans around the world can concider La Liga as a poor competition. That`s fine with me. I mean, who cares what they think, if we, La Liga fans know the truth?
Mendieta> I appologize if you felt offended. That wasn`t my intension at all. I was just question the relevant in opening this thread in a forum where I know for exampel that "Ze" never puts his foot. If you have this argue I think you two should have continued this disscussion in the forum where it started and still continues. In here you`ll get an advantage because you know we all will be on your side which isn`t fair towards "Ze" in my opinion.
BTW, Where are you from? I suspect that you arn`t from Madrid either Valencia. Andaluzia?

Maybe I should make things clear that I don`t agree with "Ze" about his opinions about La Liga. But I respect his opinions and understand what he means. For exampel there`s only one spanish player who has been voted FIFA player of the year and that was almost 40 years ago. Meanwhile there has been one and another brazilian and they`ve played mostly in the spanish league.
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No problem Robban. Your right I probably shouldn't have put this post in here, but the guy pissed me off with his comments about La Liga. The thing is I never disagreed with his comments about the Spanish national team, I know they do crap all. It was his comments about la Liga that we're unwarranted and disrespectful to anyone who follows la Liga. Anyhow, no hard feelings Robban. By the way, I'm actually not from Valencia either, I'm from Valladolid. But, I've always loved Real Madrid as a kid same with my family. You'll find most people from Valladolid always like Real Madrid as well as Real Valladolid cause we're pretty close to Madrid. Actually, Valladolid has always shared a close kinship with Real Madrid and many great players started at Valladolid. But, I guess since it's a small club it always ends up having to sell them. I also have Valencia listed, but I only put them down to name a second team, since everyone seems to have three or four favorites listed. Don't get me wrong I do like them as a team, but I really have no loyalties for them. Real Madrid is where my true heart is. And then I guess I would root for my hometown after Real Madrid. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm gonna remove Valencia it's confusing too many people! Your the second person to think I'm Valenciano because of it. Damn right, I should list Real Valladolid as my second favorite! Who cares if they never do anything in la Liga. It's my hometown.
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Yes, it`s true that Valladolid and Real Madrid have exchanged many players. Since I read "Don Balon" I also know that most players in the Valladolid team are Merengue supporters. Since it normal that they start their carrears in Real Madrid C or something like that and then relize that they don`t have the ability to play on the highest level and leave for Valladolid to play in the highest divison. BTW, will you get to keep your merengue prodigy?
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