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First half was the debut of the road to the HEXA. First half .Tight team. not loose. styiding serbia. Serbia has a good team, had a lot of the ball for some spells of the game and they do have a very good team, should come second in the group with a strong chance of going to the quarter finals.

I thought richarlison in the first half was very absent on the play. not calling the game for him. Neymar in the middle, his new position for us, dividing the resposibility. Very good, that he is not the sole soul of this team. We have many optiions, our bench is amazing in so many things it can bring.

Anyway, back to the serbia first half. We defended with 2 lines of 4. Paqueta the tactical, was sometimes missing in that midfield. We did miss Bruno Guimaraes and his cadence in the midfield, in his passing , in his mobiity and in him dictating the rhythm of the ball.

Vini malvadeza was missing things but he was lively. Raphinha, was missing normal stuff , which in a world cup you need to get it correct. He needs to get his game to a proper level as it was in the qualifiers. We cannot have a pleyr missing stupid little plays as he is doing. Imo, the worst in the field and its something that i din't expect from Raphinha.

Now, second half. What a half, what a display this is my brasil brasileiro that i love, that i expect, that i hope, that i LOVE! Playing with the authority of a 5 times world champions (and yes, we are all tired of being 5 tires world champion, #6 is already being embroided... and hopefully that will be this year!!!) LETS FUCKIN HAVE IT!!!!

just a total domination in the second half of a quite good team of serbia. alisson, our wall at the back diin't have to do much. Marquinhos an thiago silva solid. Alex sandro, going forward and taking shot from 35 yards out, din't expect that.

danilo jsut did his job. Casemiro, what a leader, what a game. In the first half, when serbia had a lot of the ball and we were just watching them play, out of the blue took a shot out of nothing and showed everyone what is expected from the team.

And the team responded after Tite and this titebility came to the second half to give THAT display. Nnyemar gave taht fist goal play, with vini malvadeza showing his personality in taking and kicking the ball of adult ney, for richarlison to have a very diffciult finish (it looks simple , but on the pitch that finish is quite hard).


then the second goal , was a goal of the gods, a goal for the soul, a goal to show the world that this team is ready for it.. the team showing that that sacred yellow shirt had arrived and is ready to take on anyone. a goal that Vini malvadeza just gave a three fingers to richarlison, tough ball to control and in a instant of a second gave a volley that reminded us all of bebeto in his younger years. a goal to make everyone drop their jaws, a goal to be tainted in world cup history forever!!! a goal to put this team on the lane that it was wanting since it started training in turin 3 weeks ago.,

tite din't put pedro or bruno guimaraes, he has his preferences, and his has his wide range of menu to choose from. But this team is asking bruno in midfield and this team also needs some spice of Pedro in that second half.

and that neymar can get ready back, cause we want him to lead that forward line for his own history!

Let's have it!!
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