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Yugoslavia vs. Spain

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So there comes the BIG match. If we loose, we fall out of the competition. If we win, we are in 1/4 finals against France i think. I think Miha should play :





So, what do u think ?
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How about:






Now this team can give some serious SMACK!
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instead of jugovic there drulovic and instead of jugovic mijatovic - jugovic as substitute
Why change the winning team? Everyone played really good against Norway and I don't think there should be any changes. Mihajlovic's ban is over and he can be used again but I don't think he will be. The defense was very solid and everyone in midfield played good. There is nobody he can replace and Boskov is the kinda guy that wont make an exception because he is Mihajlovic.

He should be put into midfield if Boskov does decide to start him, maybe take over for Jokanovic because he is a defensive midfielder, but then again, Jokanovic had a good game. Or substitute him in for a defender/midfielder that's not playing well. I love the guy but there's the saying "If it's not broken, don't fix it" and the current team is not "broken". :)
Jugovic is too valuable to put on the bench. He works well in defence and attack, for the entire game. I dont think Miha should play on the wing (especially when you consider we have Drulovic and J.Stankovic)


You don't have to win to qualify, even a draw will do the job for you.
no, we need win to make shure to be on the first place and play against Nederlands (***king freaks ! remember France 98 ?) if we are second, we play France... nightmare...

I would love to see your team play against the Netherlands so they can be eliminated!!! Go Yugo!!!
But I don't want it to happen on my team's expense. Sorry guys, I wish Spain wins!!!

P.S. I don't see it as very probable if we keep playing the way we have been so far...
The best scenario would be Spain beating Yugoslavia and Norway drawing with Slovenia so Yugo and Spain are in the next round.Then Holland beat the French so we have Yugo-Holland and France-Spain.IDEAL!!!
I'd go with:

------------------- Kralj ------------------

Komljenovic -- Djukic -- Saveljic -- Djorovic

------- Jokanovic ------ Mihajlovic ---------

----- Stojkovic -- Jugovic -- Drulovic ------

----------------- Milosevic -----------------

And we can have Stankovic or Mijatovic as a substitute

Forza Deki & Miha
Forza Lazio
Viva Yugo~~

I hope they beat Holland in 1/4 finals
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No, Mijatovic must play !

And so does Yugoslavia play against Holland again in 1/4 finals
yugoslavia will be lose,thats the ****in true!!
eusebio sjebat èu te ko kantu ako ne prestaneš idiote jedan !
samo tuga ostalaaaaaa!!

so,what can we say about the game?!?yugos team have a big luck with qualitication,poor slovenian and norweg couldnt get a goal,i was said that you lose and you did it,bravo!!but you will lose from netherland,go kluviert!!!!
a ti sslazio i tebi slicni ovdje mozete da mi popusite kurcinu!!
ko bih tvoju fižolèinu pušio a ?
ti èeš eni da ti ja popušim kurac da te nije sramota i tebe
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