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Kezman, Lerinc, Boskovic, Ivic, Ilic,Deki, Pjanovic Dudic...., these names with help of Savo, Darko and Kralj will win the Euro 2004, and the following world cup... well maybe I'm exaggerrating a little, but they will play damn well, though I think they need a young couch, maybe Piksi, or another ex-Yugoslavia sta(Miha, Mijat etc...) What are your oppinions?

Kezman: air (HEADING), runs, shot
Lerinc: skill, SHOT,pass
Boskovic: agility, pass, coordination
Ivic: Free-kicks, red-carding ability to follow Miha
Ilic: Speed, shot POWER AND ACCURACY
Deki: Crossing, shooting as hell (damn strong) speed, power
Pjanovic: Air, Penalties, Fairness and equality.
Dudic: tackling, passing, awareness
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