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Not sure about the name, that's why I got the question mark..:)
Anyway, our team beat this third division team 12:1, the team played rather well, even though the Belgians scored first after a misunderstanding between Djukic and Kralj..:(
After, everything came back to normal and we of course thrashed the poor suckers...(who did they think they are - Hong Kong? :))
D. Stankovic played well, and so did Piksi, while Kezman scored 4 goals(?!), so he probably has a good chance of getting into the starting line up against Slovenia (and if he continues playing like this, one day he'll end up being almost as good as Pjanovic..:))..
And another interesting fact, Miha was taking practice free kicks during training and out of 22 shots, he scored 20 goals!!!!!! Our keepers couldn't stop any of the shots..!
I find this hard to believe, but that's what they say on glas-javnosti..The other 2 were stopped by the wall.
A Dutch journalist was there watching this and his only comment was:"Mihajlovic is not normal!"...:D:D:D
Just hope he keeps some of his ammunition for the upcoming matches..:D

I just loved it when the Dutch journo said Miha is not normal, that really made me laugh. But lets hope you're right red star forever, and Miha keeps it up. Its also good to see Kezman and the others doing well.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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