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Yugo 2-0 China

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I believe that this was the final score,not an over-all great score but Kezman scored in the 20' and that shows that most likely he started of, so Boskov most likely played an experimental formation to see what would turn out.
Kovacevic scored the second in the 73' I believe.
Good news that Kezman scored, so far he is on the right track,lets just hope he continues this way. :)
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in our last game we beat tham 1-0 so i guess this is a step up. I think Boskov is testing out the players and as he keeps subbing them this results in a breaking down of the rythm. Lets hope we better against S.Korea .

i would like to see the goals.
Over-all, I think we played quite well against China. Boskov was just experimenting with all the players. And also lets not forget that we still await the arrivil of some of our key players for the matches against South Korea.

I belive it was great that Kezman scored today, he has now scored 3 goals in two matches for the National Team, I think he's shaping up quite well for EURO2000. :)

BTW Nick, you can see both the goals at http://sport.beonet.yu
I read that our defense looked very bad. Our defence might kill us at Euro. I guess we will find out soon enough. It is only about 2 weeks away!
It wasnt the best result but Boskov did make 8 changes at half time so the players in the second half had to warm up while the Chinese players where already warmed up from playing in the first half.

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Well a lot has been happening, so I'm like fully out of date...I haven't even realised that EURO is in like a few weeks! joj :)

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