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Lazio youth team have already got to the second round of the Campionato Primavera with two games still to play in the regular season. The Young Eagles are currently second in the Group C, three points behind Bari. Here are the results of Day 24:

Fermana - Ternana 2-1
Lazio - Cosenza 2-1
Lecce - Roma 3-2
Pescara - Napoli 0-2
Reggina - Bari 2-2
Salernitana - Viterbese 1-1
Savoia - Ascoli 1-0

Table (top 5 go to the next round)

Bari 49
Lazio 46
Roma 43
Napoli 40
Salernitana 38
Lecce 38
Fermana 36
Cosenza 35
Viterbese 33
Pescara 30
Reggina 28
Ascoli 20
Savoia 8
Ternana 8

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well aquila u seem to be the one that knows most about the youth team
where do you get this info from

i know that a lazio youth team will be playing in a cup soon and next friday i think they will play an australian club youth team...do u know where i could get sum info on this??

and which players are good on the youth team
i only know cinelli concetti and pinzi

well i hope we keep our youth players not like di vaio and soon to be baronio who cragnotti doesnt want


oh yeah....why arnt many of the other big clubs in that tournament (eg parma milan inter milan and juve)??

well hopefully lazio youth goes good

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El Matador; The other topteams do participate. The reason is, that the Primavera is divided in 3 sections, where the best placed teams will qualify for a play-off tournament to find THE Primavera winner. I'm not sure, but I believe it's 4 teams from each group that qualifies.
Inter and Milan plays in one group (pretty sure they will go through) and Juve, Fiorentina and Empoli are certain in the third- Torino currently in 4th, while Parma has been too plagued by the first teams injuries to get in contention.
The strongest of the groups is arguebly Juve's as Empoli and Fiorentina met in the final of the Viareggio unofficial Youth World Cup (where all the big teams participated along with the cream of many other countries youth teams).
Anyway- we'll see during the play-offs.


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Glen has well explained why northern teams are not playing in the same group with Lazio. The teams that go through from evry group are five + the best six-placed team of the three groups. Thus the teams getting in to the second round will be sixteen.
El Matador, you can find out youth team results at the web site http://www.lega-calcio.it/ita/cal_prc.htm , they take it a wee bit easy in updating results, but Italians... As for the match against Australians, I don't know.

Roberto Baronio has never played for Lazio youth team, since he was bought from Brescia, if I remember well.

Well, this has been Lazio youth team line-up in a recent game:

1) Blasimme (Concetti was with the first team because of Marchegiani's injury)
2) Vicedomini (subbed by Conti)
3) Varriale
4) Minieri
5) Raparelli
6) Cruciani (subbed by Calandrelli)
7) Berrettoni
8) Travaglione (subbed by Mazzei)
9) Dal Rio
10) Pinzi
11) Ruggiu

Other subs:
Favazza (goalkeeper)

To Mattias: what about adding a section dedicated to the youth team in LazioMania?


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well thanx for clearing all this up for me

and what about cinelli...ive seen him in the cl squad for lazio

we also had 2 young players called lombardi and di fiorio which we must have sold since i havent seen them

really what is the point of selling young players with potential for practically no money at all
i agree with aquila...if it wouldnt be 2 big a trouble i think a youth section for laziomania would make it even better


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