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My team KRC Genk (Belgium) plays a 4-4-2, that changes to a 3-5-2 when we are in attack.

Cornelis - Caillet - Mikulic - Pocognoli
Chatelle - De Decker - Vrancken - Soetaers
Vandenbergh - Bosnjak

De Decker and Vrancken are two defensive midfielders. Vrancken though likes to infiltrate in the box to head the crosses in (as he did last season in Gent with Boussoufa's crosses).

Vandenbergh and Bosnjak are hard workers (Bosnjak a bit more than Vandenbergh :howler:), who like to pick the ball up in midfield.

We must rely on our wings to build up the attack, as Chatelle and Soetaers are more creative than our central midfield De Decker and Vrancken.

When we are in possession of the ball, our fullback makes the run forwards and our winger comes inside. At least, that's our intention. On our left wing, Soetaers is a pure winger who does not like to come inside. His crosses are his biggest assets, and he cannot do that from a position in central midfield. I hope Ukrainian Sasha Iakovenko will be ready as soon as possible. He likes to come inside, give space to the upcoming fullback Pocognoli (a great talent with an excellent cross, if he was a Spaniard he would already been traced by Liverpool :howler:) and bring more creativity to our central midfield.

On our right wing, we have Brazilian midfielder Alex Da Silva as a substitute for Chatelle. He still has to adept to the Belgian league, but as soon as he is ready, I think it wouldn't hurt bringing him in the starting line-up ;)
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