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Your second team

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What's your second team? Mine's Inter.
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You can only really have one, but in series A, now Roma b/c of bati but always had a fascination with Ac.Milan
Yeah, AC Milan rules..
I hate every single other italian team although some more than others, especially Inter and Juve, oh and now Roma too...my second team that i like would probably be Porto. Also, i have always had a certain liking for Real Madrid..
Hey ST,

Would you explain what you have against Roma, except that Bati joined us?
I also hate Roma, but Totti is great...and Montella.
I dont know what it is with Roma that I dislike, last season they beat us home and away...very disgusting indeed. The Bati thing certainly helped, but it also seems that Fio always have it hard against Roma... I like basically all the Roma players individually, but as a team...blaaaarghh..
personally i like inter and lazio relatively more than the other frontrunners

roma: could be the red colour that turns me down, like their players individually but not together

juve: no question about them... hate their guts

ac milan: neutral stance, although we find it easier to beat them out of top teams

inter: cool team with stylish players but no team chemistry, like to see a coach splendidly bring them together

lazio: i think they do deserve as champs with money spent, determination and collective goal
My second team...in Serie A anyway is or at least was Parma. I'm furious over the greed-based sale of Crespo, so we'll see how they do, what they can get for a replacement. And of course I do follow la viola or I wouldn't be here...
My Second team would be Parma in Serie A
in Spain it would be Real Madrid
I got to say it is hard to have a second team in the same league...but ST I can understand the hate for roma, but atleast a guy who is black could play there unlike lazio...not the team but its supporters that suck..don't jump down my throat over this one but I saw the hate and racism in their fans first hand last season...love there style of play and players hate the team...sorry, certain things should not be tolerated i.e. the nazi bull****.
i find it very difficult to have a second team in seria a. But i do have certain respect for some teams which are strong and consistent. most of the other italian teams rely too much on foreign stars, and i hate that. inter, especially comes to mind..

even though i feel sad that juve lost the scudetto on the very last day, but at least it was lazio who won it. the other teams were not consistent enough.
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