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Your funny reallife game stories

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I was in high school team as the striker. I scored a goal and i went to the sideline to celebrate where the students were watching and the rest of the team came and pushed me down. They started jumping on me...

eventually, it came to a point that there were about 6 people on me...i couldnt breath anymore..
when i was looking around i saw our stopper coming close toi jum on us too...and he did, but he missed it:D he passed over us like a bird and fell down:D and started bleeding...my god, i almost cried from laughing..

thats my story, more to follow later on

as you can tell, i just discovered this forum:D
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carlito said:

as you can tell, i just discovered this forum:D
it seems I am the only one:confused:;)
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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