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Which 20 players would you pick in your squad to take to the qualifiers and to the WC? We've seen most of our squad (30+ players) play in different games over the last year or two, so which 20 would you take into these imprtant games? It seems everyone will have the same 11 or 12 players, but i think the fringe players who will end up coming on as subs will play a big part and we have a LOT to choose from. Feel free to leave out some of the big names if you truly believe they're not worthy of being in our 20 man squad.

GK: Schwarzer, Kalac

D: Moore, Niell, Lazaridis, Popovic, Laybutt, Vidmar, Milicevic

DM: Skoko, Grella, McKain, Colosimo

AM: Bresciano, Emerton, Cahill, Chipperfield, Elrich

F: Kewell, Viduka, Sterjovski, Aloisi, Milicic

EDIT - ah cool .. i wasn't sure of the exact number. I'll throw in an extra 3 then.

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You can take up to 23 players to the World Cup, so I'd take:

GK: Kalac, Schwarzer
DF: Moore, Milicevic, Popovic, Neill, Lazaridis, Laybutt, Vidmar
DM: McKain, Grella, Colosimo
MC: Skoko, Bresciano, Chipperfield,
AM: Kewell, Cahill, Emerton, Sterjovski, Elrich
SC: Viduka, Aloisi, Millicic

Neill - Moore - Millicevic - Lazaridis
Cahill Skoko Bresciano Kewell

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Here's my 23:

GK: Schwarzer, Kalac (Schwarzer is giogn downhill, he'll need replacing soon)

D: Moore, Neill, Lazaridis, Laybutt, Kisnorbo, Vidmar (i'd rather leave Vidmar out but there's noone else to take his spot, maybe Milicevic)

DM: Grella, Skoko, Mckain, Wilkshire, Colosimo

AM: Kewell, Cahill, Bresciano, Emerton, Elrich, Chipperfield

F: Viduka, Milicic, Aloisi, Sterjovski

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And yeah .. even though Kalac had very little to do last night, i felt SO MUCH safer with him between the sticks than i do with Schwarzer. I still think Schwarzer is a good keeper, buti think Kalac is less mistake-prone than him. It's a shame Farina would NEVER choose Kalac over Schwarzer .. I'd like to see him have a run in ourmore competitive games. I remember the second Turkey game last year he looked very safe. The only thing that gost past him was that unstoppable free kick.

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--Brescaino--Cahill-- Skoko--Kewel--
Kalac (gk)
Millicevic (def)
Popovic (def)
Laybutt (def)
Mark Byrnes (deg)
Lazaridis (def/mid)
Chipperfield (mid)
Wilshire (mid)
Elrich (mid)
Milicic (st)
Archi Thompson (st)*
Aloisi (st)

*Form of late

Its a worry there isnt more fringe players which come to mind...

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Schwarzer, Milicevic, Popovic, Vidmar, McKain, Colosimo, Skoko, Chipperfield, Sterjovski, Elrich, Viduka, Aloisi

I find it hard fitting my prefferred 11 into a good formation.
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