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Young swedes like Ljungberg, Elmander, Kennedy

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If were looking for younger players I can recommend a few from My homecountry-Sweden. Fredrik LJungberg is playing for Arsenal, and in the Nationalteam (tonigth, have a look). In Arsenal he has taken the left wing place from Overmars. He is one of the best in Arsenal, have been "The best man in the team" several times. As you know Arsenal is a pretty good team with good players. He is the most important man in the swedish team. And he is only 23. He can get better. Johan Elmander is playing for Orgrye, and he is only 18 years old. He is one of the best players in our National league. He has the same style of running as Ronaldo. Very fast with the ball. Kennedy (HAmmarby), my favourite team is also very good, his idol is Ronaldo, and fave team Inter. I have to rush.

Forza INter.
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What do you think aout Zlatan Ibrahimovic?
He plays for Malmö...
I would rather see young Italian players. None of the Swedish players are good enough for inter. Believe me!
Zlatan is one of the biggest artists I have ever seen. He makes it fun to watch fotball (Jag hatar Malmö igentligen).

I hope you guys heard that Elmander said no to Roma and Mancester United (Ferguson called him personly).
i'd prefer us signing young italians as well
well swedes are good but they cant play in serie a because it is a different way of play and they are not too talented
Overmars is still Arsenal's left-wing man. Ljunberg is a useful stand-in, but not that useful since he not left-footed. Arsenal rated Ljunberg at about 10 million pounds, still I highly doubt Wenger will sell him, especially since Arsenal didn't sign Robert Pires.
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