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From the Arsenal forum:

cool article i ofund.
maybe luck is finally turning to arsenals side !!

So apparently we get the "lucky" north end of the Millennium Stadium for the final, and it seems it was decided a while ago. The F.A. spokesman said this:

"The ends are allocated depending on which direction the fans are travelling from, so the northern dressing room goes to the northern-most team and the southern one to their opponents. On this occasion both teams are obviously from London and it doesn't apply. But the decision was actually made before the semi-finals - and because Middlesbrough could have been one of the finalists, the winners of that tie were allocated the northern dressing room. I know some people think the southern end is unlucky, but we don't toss a coin to decide it. The decision has already been made in advance and that's just the way it worked out."

Whether or not you believe in all this superstitious stuff is up to you, but the fact is that no club whose fans have occupied the south end of the stadium has ever won there - and that's based on the results of the nine finals of various competitions held there so far.

Even a feng shui expert was beaten. The guy called in by stadium staff to try to break the "curse" said: "It is all to do with energy levels. The railway line and the Bristol Channel runs behind the south stand and that blocks out so much of the energy. There are also television cables running next to the southern dressing room, and that can leave players feeling tired and stop them producing their best form."


is it a blessing?
or just telling us somethign we alrady know
arsenal FA cup champions 2002


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Maybe our fate is like this: we lose all our good players to injury or suspension but manage to win all our games through sheer determination?


Lol. Those poor bastards fear us that much that they turn into superstitious stuff and they have already won the FA Cup. Before that they have one game to play...
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