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Yassine Abdellaoui

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Hi there. Can anyone tell me something about Abdellaoui? There are rumours that he could sign a contract at FK Austria. I heard he's with Willem II at the moment - is he any good?

Thanks in advance.

Greetings tgv325
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If in form he can be a good leftwinger, but in the past that hasn't always been the case. A lot of coaches have had troubles with him in past, what's also the case now. Turning up too late for training or skipping reservematches, that kind of incidents.
He's very skillful but has a massive mentality problem.
whats the latest about the rumor?
will he be signed or not?
Looks quite likely, because he was seen on our VIP sector on Tuesday.
Isn't Taument playin'at Austria as well, and Arie Haan as coach or footballing director or am I completely mistaken???
Taument is playing for the enemy Rapid Wien, with a certain Lothar M. being coach there. Haan, was sacked earlier this season or was it already last season at Austria..
Haan was sacked earlier this season and I'm still sorry for that. Taument belongs to Rapids roster, but hardly plays under Matthäus - which might explain why they are currently third from bottom....;)
OK I was interested in Taument because he played for Feyenoord. Haan is an major screwup, he cost our club (Feyenoord) a lot of money because he bought some players with very doubtful skills, where he appeared to have gained some money on his private bank account.

I think he has been sacked by more than 10 clubs now, on the other hand, it has made him multi-millionaire;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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