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Yıldıray-H.Altıntop+İ.Kaş Out of NT Squad!!

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Guess what!!Our genious(&+%+%//) coach Terim has announced final squad...Altough he choosed to keep Ayhan,Tümer,Kazım or Sabri in his squad the only player who experienced C.L. final game has been refused!!!Altıntop and new Getafe player Kaş as well...

Now i wonder if our journalists are man enough to write their ideas about this shit or will they keep on sucking as usual ?

This is not a national team...
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You know what the Terim bashing has to stop it is ridiculous

Just 2 years ago some of the same people here were calling him a hero,

and When was the last time you saw anything spectacular from Basturk or Halil anyways?

Terim has a proven record that surpasses any other Turkish manager
and he did what he was expected to do by getting us into Euro 2008, if you are going to chastise him wait till at least after the tournament

because if he turns out to be successful youll all look like asses my friends

oh and while this might not apply to us Besiktasli I know almost without a doubt that had Terim been a Fenerli, and achieved the same accolades with Fener, you guys would all be heralding him
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just take a browse through the forums and youll find plenty of hypocritical comments,

and if you look at Terims club and international record no coach can compare
your talking about Euro 96, lets not forget who took us there for the first time in history

lets not forget who built arguably the best and most successful Turkish club squad of all time
its interesting how both of you only point out the failures of the man and not his many more successes

if you look at his time with Fiorentina Terim was actually bringing in solid results, the club was successful, Terim left Fiorentina because of a spat with Chairman Gori, in fact Terim was so popular with the club that, on a Football TV show in Italy, while one of the Fiorentina director's was answering phone calls, an argument broke out after Gori called in lambasting Terim, with the director supporting him.

and Milan, he was barely given a shot at Milan...

Terim is a class act, he has made mistakes in his career, but who hasn't?

and i believe he will answer his critics

oh and speak for yourself warabee Ive never said Emre Gungor is better than Ibrahim Kas
haha well maybe a little,
but if there is anything ive learned, its not to jump to conclusions in football, the manager everyone expects to bring the title (del bosque) turns out to be a complete moron in the end,
it could be same with Terim or it could be different, I don't agree with some of his decisions and i think our performance in the group should have been better but I'll stand by him until he ****s up
I meant with the national team
in any case
both players play in positions which we are very comfortable in

Emre hasn't been successful with Newcastle but is indispensable given his flair, and technique

Tumer is the perfect sub, he has proven himself to be able to change games

Sabri is necessary as a sub as well given that he plays in a position that we are also not comfortable in
Eugh, Terim is not the end of the world. So what if he took some players to friendlies to try them out? Every nation did that then dropped players. So what? As if other great coaches haven't had faliures. van Gaal, Rijkaard, Hitzfeld and even Mourinho have had bad spells, so what? They're still proven coaches, just like Fatih Terim. As for Ibrahim Kas, he fought for a place, he didn't get into the final squad, why is there an uproar? Emre Gungor is probably a lot better from what I've seen. Halil Altintop wouldn't have even started at Euro 2008. We'll probably play with the Nihat up front option. Yildiray's been off the radar for a while... he doesn't do much these days, just waits for his pay.
By the way, Terim didn't drive Galatasaray into debt. It was down to Faruk Suren and other board members of the time. Terim didn't fail at Fiorentina, he had disagreements with the chairman and left. Milan is another story, he failed there, miserably. As for the national team, he took us to the Euro's for the first time, he missed out on the world cup through our players just being rubbish on the day and as for qualifying for Euro 2008 he done well. I dunno what some of you think Turkey is, but we're not Portugal, France, Italy, Spain or even England. Some of you need to accept football isn't based on paper.
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