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Right lads, with one season over almost, another one begins. Let's discuss the new rules and where we can improve.

1. Winning bonuses - Last season's transfer window was greatly affected by teams not having much money left over from the summer. Whilst we should make sure we plan ahead with our budgets, the lack of clarity over the transfer process and a greatly inferior bonus compared to Spain, most players didn't realise they'd have to make their money last. Look at lafadabeilo who spent all 500m for example. I'd suggest increasing winning bonuses

2. Adjusting budgets - Managers should be allowed to increase their wage budgets if they have plenty of funds spare. The last system was way too inflexible.

3. XTFA Cup - Last season went well, I don't think anything needs changing for it really. However if we go to 14 managers as I believe we should, we'd need to work out the tournament set-up. The use of a bye for the top 4 last season worked very well in my opinion, and something similar would probably suit. Working out the fixturing now I believe the best method is this year's finalists being given a bye to the quarter final. That would leave a 12 team first round, with 3rd-12th and the 2 new managers playing each other, sending 6 teams through to meet the 2 seeded sides, creating an 8 team quarter final.

4. More managers - I propose increasing to 14 managers this season, like Italy has. If we start the season earlier (last season started in September we can fit in the additional 4 fixtures. We can ask others to sign up.

5. Earlier start - Last season was delayed until after the transfer window shut. I think this season we can afford to start earlier (and have more fixtures). The transfer window should still be closed in the first week of September though to mirror real life, where teams don't have squads completed until 1st September, when games have already been played. We should create an absolutely rigid calendar of games and transfer windows.

6. Discpline - Needs to be more flexible. Last season was us getting our feet wet or the first time. Now we know where there have been problems and where there have been repeated issues. Substitutions was an issue, with teams playing 2 strikers on the bench and being punished. Perhaps an error in the substitutions should be more flexible, as it is hardly as severe as a late squad. However repeat offenders such as Hunter Lionheart need sterner punishment when it keeps happening.

7. Substitutions - The EPL allows 7 subs. We only allow 5. There are 6 positions on the field in XTPL, I propose a 6th substitution so a manager can cover all positions. This would reflect real life as most teams have good cover on the bench.

8. Relegation? - Probably not a good idea currently, but may be worth asking JA and Romanista how they treat the sides who finish bottom?

9. Europe - Really more of an issue for JA and Romanista is the format of this season's XTCL and XT Cup. It was easy last season as there were 8 teams. This season there are 12, which doesn't really work out. I propose something similar to XTFA Cup where the top 4 got a bye. In this case it'd be the winners of each league, plus the reigning champions. As romanista is reigning champion and a contender for winning Serie A then the runner up in the final would be awarded that place. In this case it is Culed, but he looks also like winning the Fantasy Liga! In that case, it should be awarded to the runner up in Serie A. I propose something similar in XT Cup, with the 5th place being the seeded teams and the winner/runner up/6th place in seeded league being awarded the 4th seeded place. Thoughts?
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