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XT European Cup 2014/15 - Group Stage Round Up
Group A:

- Darkhorse Hala storms through with a perfect 3/3
- DP107 with a massive effort overturns the tables on Andrey to go through
- Shock of the group stage, as crowd favourite La Porque crashes out
- Andrey left to rue what could've been with disastrous MD3

Group B:

- El Primitivo shines as opponents are left behind in the rear view mirror
- Parma Talent pulls off the upset of the tournament in MD3 to qualify
- Multiple European Champion R10 falls at the last hurdle
- Tournament to forget for michelco as he leaves empty handed

Group C:

- R3 does win to go through even after suffering a 'manita' in MD3
- Solid Hector shows why he's one of the favourites
- Herculean effort from Il Luogo but luck depending on others costs him heavy
- Solid European debut for JOSEDIN as he leaves with head held high

Group D:

- Pavnedved with a stellar showing to go undefeated in tough group
- Husain labours through with effort when it matters
- So close yet so far for Pietro
- Sorry AT19 leaves with ambition to be back stronger next year
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