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The lack of activity of some forums has raised a discussion of what we can do to improve XT activity again, bring new members and what caused such decline. You can see in the last pages of the thread and be part of it too.


The German forums are part of the discussion. Tiger suggested the end of Bayern forum.

I think we have the following options:

a - End with all German forums. Threads about german footbal and clubs will be posted in WFF forum.
b - End with the two club forums. German Football forum will be moved to the other nations sections.
c - End with the Bayern Forum. German Football forum will be moved to the other nations sections and Borussia Forum will be a sub-forum there.

Feel free to add any other suggestion.

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a) makes no sense as the German forum has decent activity compared to other parts of XT, so it should be b) or c) or something else.

The Bayern forum can definitely be archived, I would say the same about the Dortmund forum but maybe let their fans say something about it themselves.

I would like to ask something though without it sounding like I am trying to shoot against the Croatian forum/structure. The Croatian forum is the only country forum prominent in the list without club forums. Now please don't see it as "if they can have this why can't we", but it's actually an honest question why they have what they have? Just asking because that might or might not be another alternative.
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