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Arsenal Player of the Year 2001-2002

  • Robert Pires

    Votes: 14 50.0%
  • Freddie Ljungberg

    Votes: 13 46.4%
  • Thierry Henry

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Lauren

    Votes: 1 3.6%
  • Paddy Vieira

    Votes: 0 0.0%

XT Arsenal Forum Awards 2002 - 1. Player of the Season

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Who was our best player this season? There are a few candidates; each with their own merits...

Robert Pires He has already won the FWA Player of the Year, he assisted for 15 goals this season, he scored another 12. He was cruelly injured and missed the run-in and the World Cup.

Freddie Ljungberg He was our spark in the run-in, he scored goal after goal, he broke deadlock after deadlock, he never stopped running, he's got red hair.

Thierry Henry He has scored 31 goals with 1 more game to play. His passion to win was visible all season. He led many defences a merry dance before fatally knifing them...

Lauren Unsung hero of the team? He consistently performed well in a role which is not his favourite, and what about that penalty against Totts?

Paddy Vieira He captained us for most of the season. At times he was imperious, outstanding.
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Super Bob. Consistently brilliant all season. His talent will be sorely missed at the World Cup. His creativity and spontaneity have been a joy to behold all season. I'd pick his performances against Aston Villa (both games), Spurs and Newcastle as his best.


We won the league....in Manchester....We won the league in Manchester.....We won the league at Old Trafford....We won the league in Manchester!
It has to be Super Rob. He was unbelievable for every game he played for us, and he was well on course to pick up World player of the year.
Freddie Ljungberg form lately and his important goals made him a VERY close 2nd place.
5 votes for Robert Pires! :star::strong:
Robert Pires... he contributed most to the team and is the player of the season for sure ;).
I'm going against the grain... I'm gonna say Freddy.

I am eternally grateful for what Rob did for us this season, but Freddy really inspired the whole team in the run-in. He ALWAYS came up with the goods, and he NEVER gave up until he had turned the game.

It is so close between them, but Freddy gets it for me.
well gareth, since u closed down my topic, i might as well reply here just for sake of it...(no offence:D )

the best arsenal player of the season is really narrowed down to 2 people:

1) freddie ljungberg...scored the crucial goals whenever arsenal needed them and did an excellent job on the left, definately arsenal's best player so far this season in my opinion. his work rate, his never say die attitude and his quick moves and technique created havoc for any defender marking him...he is without a doubt the most underrated player in the premiership, and here we have d1ckheads thinking spiceboy david b*[email protected] (most overrated player in europe) is the one of the best...:rolleyes:

2)another candidate of of course pires...sets up more then 40% of arsenal's goals if i am not mistaken? pity he got injured...if he wouldnt have we would have witnessed a 0-4 thrashing at old trafford...;) pires was very effective throughout the season, and pretty much was carrying arsenal at the start...

but then after his injury against newcastle, freddie revived the team, and chipped in with some goals making one hell of a comeback. so basically we can say that...pires started the job (and did it VERY well) but FREDDIE LJUNGBERG finished it off...and if he wouldnt have been there in the latter stages of the competition your double would not have been possible.

so very narrowly, freddie 'the red marauder' wins it just very closely.

i just hope u ENGLAND FANS dont cry too much FREDDIE takes your defence apart...he is planning on dying his hair blue and yellow to show his commitment for the swedish national team, his earlier red hair showed his commitment to wenger and the gunners. wow...what a player. :cool:
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i think a mention should go to sol campbell and ashley cole, both have been superb lately. remember cole's goalline clearance at anfield when it was 0-0, bloody awesome!
when sol has had either keown/adams we've never looked like conceding a goal, 15.5 hours we've gone now without conceding a goal in open play:eek:
anyway pires gets my vote, the most complete midfielder in the league, hell, maybe even the world! he's not known for his tackling but he (according to opta stats) is our 3rd best tackler!
he, along with frddie is probably our most clinical finisher.
i really hope pires recovers from his injury as it would be such a waste of extraordinary talent.
Voted for Lauren since nobodey else will ;)
Cameroon migth suprise in WC...
Hoiw about a tie;) I will give the edge to Freddie because he performed well after Pires went down. Scored the goals when Henry was in a bit of a slump.
i voted for freddie
he came out of injury blazing, normally you owuld think he needs to adapt and get fit again. but nope, scored so many goals, werent for him we might not have won the EPL.
bob is still a superstar this season, unfortunalty for the injury, i might of voted for him if he performs like he did for the whole season.

Gareth: why didnt you but sol campball up there?
i would of 100% voted for sol. i hail our defense. if it werent for sol, i think teams would of gone through our defense real quickly.
sol campball has totally been excellent this season!
basically all of us footie fans can agree with the fact that the best player of this season is just a coin toss between ljungberg and pires...both were equally (if not better then one another) instrumental in making arsenal's double possible.

campbell was rocksolid in defence this season...almost becoming his old self at tottenham again. the spur fans and yids must be kicking themselves still for selling him to the bitter rivals...:D
I voted for Bobby.

Guys Freddie has been wonderful in the run-in, and had a very good season before that. But the season is nine months long. Robert Pires was probably the best player anywhere in Europe this season, or at least among the best.

Don't forget either that Thierry Henry scored thirty goals and created several as well, Sol Campbell was immense (and should have been nominated.) In any case, Freddie's contribution over the course of theseason deserves more of a mention. There's no point talking about players deserving annual awards for five game spells, because then we could start talkin bout when Upson came in in November and settled the defence down, or whatever.

This has been a season in which Arsenal have had a star every month. But over the course of the whole season, it's got to be Super Bob by a street.
I voted for Super Bob.

It was hard to chose a hero from so many, but for me Pires has been on another level to any winger in the Premiership.

He's scored 13 goals, made numerous assists and most importantly (take note Mr Overmars) Bob always plays for the good of the team.

The guy is a Genius.
i guess people have their own opinions, pires is a world class player no doubt, and was just as worthy of winning this as freddie was.
Tomorrow is the last day of voting on this award guys... will the deadlock be broken?

Its 12-12 between Freddie and Rob!
it looks like it has
bob takes the lead by two
Robert Pires: Arsenal XT Forum Player of the Year 2002!
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