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Okay, its prediction time guys.
Every round we predict the scores for all 8 Divizia A games to win points.

The rules are as before, but just to to recap:

The 8 games of the round are posted in a thread titled [XPS] with the round and season also mentioned, eg. [XPS] Etapa 1-a 2005-06

Within the [XPS] thread there is a participation deadline for the round, and the 8 games to predict. If you are late for the deadline, please still predict the games that haven't yet started as those points will be added. eg. if you miss Friday's games, still play for Saturday and Sunday's and you will get the points for those.

To play, copy and paste the 8 fixtures into a new post and add your predictions alongside each match.

Steaua-National 2-0
Dinamo-Rapid 2-2

You win:

-1pt for a correct outcome. eg. home win, draw, away win.
-Another bonus 1pt for correct score on top of the outcome.

In the above example, if Steaua beats National 1-0, you get 1pt for that game for the correct outcome: a home win. But if the score is 2-0 as predicted, you get the bonus point also: for the scoreline, adding to make the maximum 2pts per game.

Your points won for each match are added to make a score for the round.

At the end of the season, whoever accumulates most points over all the rounds added together is the XPS champion for the season.

* * *

It would be great to see more people playing this year.
If there are any questions and cool new suggestions you have, feel free to post in this thread!
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