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Paul Rogers 07 March 2005
If the Newcastle result left you feeling down at the weekend, check out all 113 reasons to remain positive right now. Every single reason was put forward by YOU the supporters.
1. We have attracted two of the finest Spanish internationals in La Liga.

2. We are in the driving seat to make it to the next stage of the Champions League.

3. Our fans are the loudest in the world. It's official.

4. We have a manager that is honest and doesn't make idle excuses.

5. Igor Biscan and Djimi Traore have improved since the arrival of Benitez and look different players.

6. We got to a cup final in only one season under Rafa.

7. We have won and displayed class in big games against Arsenal and Olympiacos.

8. We are starting to play positive football instead of negative, defensive and dull football.

9. We signed a great goalkeeper in young Scott Carson.

10. Rafael's appointment has given fans a new optimism and something to look forward too.

11. If Porto can win the Champions League, then why can't we?

12. The return of Xabi Alonso will finally give us the midfield pairing we've always wanted.

13. Everton have still got to play us at Anfield.

14. Rafael Benitez is still our coach. He's a miracle worker!

15. Our squad, being down to the bare minimum, can only get stronger with each person returning from injury.

16. Our players have been blasted in public by the manager, which indicates to me that he will make big decisions that will benefit the club. Again, a blessing after how much our under performing players got away with last season.

17. Liverpool fans are still the best in the world.

18. Next season will be THE season, with our squad being more in tune with Benitez's plans and methods.

19. We've not sold our souls to the devil to spend 300 million on players.

20. We are still the most successful club in English football despite not winning the premiership in 15 years.

21. We're in 5th place despite having all our key players out for at least a month each.

22. We've got three of the brightest talents in football in Xabi Alonso, Djbril Cisse and Scott Carson who was quite faultless on Saturday.

23. We've got Fernando Morientes, arguably one of the best strikers in the world.

24. Everton have still got to play Manchester United and Arsenal.

25. If Rafa can win La Liga, he can win the Premiership.

26. Our manager will now admit that we weren't good enough in certain games, which is a blessing after some of the poor excuses we endured last season

27. A lot of players have improved under Rafa's influence.

28. In the summer, we either get to keep a world class player or obtain a huge transfer budget.

29. Things can always be worse.

30. Possible financial investment in the club.

31. The inevitability of gloating after winning the derby.

32. We still have Stevie Gerrard.

33. No matter how bad we play, we've still got four European Cups that can never be taken away from us.

34. Jamie Carragher's emergence as the best centre-half in the Premiership.

35. John Arne Riise's amazing form. He's scored more goals already this season than he's ever done in his career.

36. Our place in the league considering it's our manager's first season in England.

37. Our place in the league considering the injuries we've had.
Our never say die attitude against Olympiacos at Anfield.

38. Neil Mellor's wonder strike against Arsenal.

39. Manchester United are not going to win the Premiership.

40. After his cup final pain, Steven Gerrard will be trying even harder, if that's possible, to win every match forLiverpool.

41. Players from all over the world still look up to Liverpool Football Club and very, very few turn down our advances if we approach them.

42. Rafael Benitez is our manager.

43. We have 6 home games left and only four games away.

44. Everton have 4 home games left and five games away.

45. It's the pathway to success that makes everything worthwhile, not simply buying your success.

46. The return of Xabi Alonso.

47. The return of Djibril Cisse.

48. We have the traditions and the history needed to set up a regime that will dominate the game for years to come.

49. Jamie Carragher insisting he wants to stay at LFC for the rest of his career.

50. Rafael Benitez insisting he'd like to stay at Anfield for the next 15 years.

51. Next season hasn't started yet.

52. Supporting Liverpool Football Club is about being part of a club that embodies self respect, rich traditions, family values and 110% competitiveness rolled into one.

53. Still the world's most visited football club website.

54. Our Champions League run this year. How many of us at the start of the season thought we'd be in this position in this round?

55. Young players finally getting a chance in the first team.

56. Watching Igor Biscan grow into a cult hero!

57. Watching Baros finally earn a regular starting place and seeing him blossom into our leading goalscorer.

58. At the end of the month we get to see King Kenny, Ian Rush, John Barnes et al play on the hallowed turf one more time.

59. Carradona isn't going anywhere.

60. Mark Lawrenson is very close to writing off our chances. If he can do this before we're mathematically out of it then fourth place is in the bag.

61. If you don't remain positive, you become Bitter.

62. Fortress Anfield isbecoming a reality again.

63. We're close to being in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

64. We don't even need to finish fourth to qualify for next season's Champions League if we win this season's Champions League.

65. We've got a new bigger stadium and new investment to look forward too.

66. We're still the most successful club in British history despite our recent problems.

67. Our manager Rafael Benitez masterminded Valencia's first Championship win in 31 years and although we haven't quite been starved of 'the big one' for as long as that, it still feels good knowing we have the Special One in charge.

68. Everything we've achieved this season has been despite long-term injuries to Stevie Gerrard, Xabi Alonso, Djibril Cisse, Harry Kewell and constant niggling injuries to Milan Baros. Just take a look at that list of names. Things can only get better when they all are fully fit.

69. We have a new manager who is hungry and determined to deliver.

70. We retained the services of Steven Gerrard last summer, who decided to stay because of the ambitions laid dowe by Rafa Benitez. Ambition is high otherwise he would not have turned down the multi-million pound revolution at Chelsea. When THE best midfielder in Britain decides he wants to stay and play for your club, you know your manager must speak sense.

71. Fernando Morientes left the biggest and best football club in the world to come and join Liverpool FC.

72. Everton 0 Blackburn 1.

73. Next season will be a fesh start with all our players fit (fingers crossed) and some new talent too.

74. If we lose Steven Gerrard he will be replaced by a verylarge sum of money that can buy two or three world class players.

75. If we don't lose Steven Gerrard we'll still have two of the best midfielder's in the world at Liverpool.

76. We are the original People's club. Shanks said it decades before Moyes even arrived on Mersyside.

77. We have a heartbeat and history at this club which no amount of money could buy.

78. We have support that is as strong as it is humble.

79. In Rafael Benitez we have a manager who knows how to achieve success.

80. In Steven Gerrard we have a player who will help him achieve this, come what may.

81. We have the prospect of witnessing the building of a new Liverpool legacy from scratch.

82. There are already clear signs this season that the quality of football has improved.

83. Going through adversity serves only to make the good times that bit sweeter.

84. The 96 will never be forgotten.

85. We have the youngest midfield in the Premiership.

86. We are all still Liverpool fans and when the season is done and dusted, they'll still be Evertonians with no past to speak of.

87. Rafa has invited us all to his villa in sunny Spain.
We are not Leeds United.

88. Xabi Alonso.

89. We've got Rafa, a man with impeccable manners and dignity.

90. Millwall are still in the Second Division (that's what it is... still)

91. We are on the up and up with great expectations for next year. Everton fans should enjoy this season while it lasts, as it won't get any better than this for you boys.

92. Players like Djimi Traore, Igor Biscan, Stephen Warnock, Neil Mellor, Florent Sinama Pongolle, Anthony Le Tallec and even other young lads like Potter and Whitbread have improved since the arrival of Benitez.

93. Riise, Carragher & Baros have become double the men they were before Rafa's arrival.

94. Games like the ones against Arsenal, Olympiacos, Deportivo, Leverkusen, Monaco and even Chelsea have proved how big the improvement in our style have been this season, especially after watching our side humiliated by sides we should gain 6 points from in recent seasons.

95. Though we almost had every single player in our squad on the sidelines for at least a week and in some cases for months, we maintained our addression on the pitch.

96. We came from behind to win games that proved sensational throughout the season, starting with Manchester City, Olympiacos, Tottenham, Newcastle, and Fulham, a feature Liverpool hardly accomplished in the last 2 seasons.

97. We lost a legend in Michael Owen in August but still have a striking force (if fit) that is quite sensational on paper. EURO 2004 top scorer Milan Baros, Le Chamionnet top scorer Djibril Cisse and Champions League top scorer Fernando Morientes not to mention the 2001 Youth World Cup top scorer Florent Sinama-Pongolle and Reserves top scorer Neil Mellor.

98. Our youth system has improved over the last 8 months with the likes of Whitbread, Mellor, Warnock, Partridge, Potter, Welsh, Smyth, Foy and Harrison all emerging on the scene.

99. Alou Diarra is still a Liverpool player.

100. Against Newcastle, five of our six strikers were unavailable. Just think what we'll be like when they're all fit and raring to go.

101. Against Newcastle, our first and second choice keepers were both unavailable. Our third choice keeper was on DEBUT. Imagine the competition for places when they're all fit.

102. Our superb home form. We haven't played better in home games for some years now. At Anfield our form has been nothing short of sensational and those games we haven't won, we've deserved to get more from.

103. The future Gerrard / Alonso partnership. Two of Europe's premier midfield players together with Alonso possibly our best signing since the late '80s.

104. The encouraging displays of our youngsters in the Carling Cup and the League. Steven Warnock looks a star in the making, Mellor and Pongolle have done brilliantly under trying circumstances and don't bet against David Raven, Darren Potter and co making waves in the future.

105. We're within touching distance of the last 8 of the European Cup and our performances on the continent, both home and away have given us something to shout about, in particular home displays against Leverkusen and Olympiakos. A golden away day in Deportivo was simply superb too.

106. Any side would've struggled with our injuries. In fact, apart from Riise, Hyypia and Carragher, our whole first team have spent time on the sidelines this season, many at the same time. With a fully fit squad to choose from, who could say we wouldn't have had a chance of at least breaking into the top three?

107. Everton won't have another season with as much luck as they've had this season.

108. We won't have another year with as much bad luck.

109. The form of Jamie Carragher. Can anyone name a central defender, with the exception of John Terry, who has played consistently better this season?

110. The return to form of John Arne Riise, one of last year's most disappointing players, is back amongst thegoals and is now a sure fire regular member of the team. Same comments apply to Djimi Traore.

111. The consistently outstanding Steve Finnan.

112. We have a manager who doesn't feel the need to play games in the media every day.

113. We are Liverpool FC, what other reason do we require.
A good read, anyone off the .tv message board contribute any of these? Would anyone add something else if so what?

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114. we all beside u liverpool...u will neva walk alone.....

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karrmadamaii said:
Enjoy your decade of popularity Stretford. It'd be 30 years before it happens again.
We've always been a big club. Not always a successful one though.

As long as we play good, entertaining football - I'm not that bothered about the trophies. Infact, it might weed out some of the gloryhunting "Fergie out, sell Rooney, Neville is shit" brigade. :)

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Stretford said:
As long as we play good, entertaining football - I'm not that bothered about the trophies. Infact, it might weed out some of the gloryhunting "Fergie out, sell Rooney, Neville is shit" brigade. :)
But then you'd have no other ManU fans on xtratime to talk to

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Stretford said:
We've always been a big club. Not always a successful one though.

As long as we play good, entertaining football - I'm not that bothered about the trophies. Infact, it might weed out some of the gloryhunting "Fergie out, sell Rooney, Neville is shit" brigade. :)
Didn't think that that would be such a brigade existing in the current Man Utd pack. Why trying to sound like us? :pp :D

If anything, the mancs do play good football. The only thing is that they lack the individual brilliance of Cantona to supplement to huge teamwork and organization throughout the team.

Ronaldo's a little too young to be carrying such weight on his shoulders, and Giggs never looked like the enigma to carry a team in such a way.

I'll say this again and again even if it ruins my reputation around here, I admire the football played by the Mancs when Cantona was around, but I admire Sammer's Dortmund more :D

Really wish to see the libero system being played again.

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A good read
Would have been a better read if it didnt repeat the same thing over and over. Would have been more like 50 reasons....
EG:- Rafa this Rafa that...Hes improved since rafa. He is double the player since rafa. etc

And you wont win the CL...simple as that. Not when there is teams such as chelsea, barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and AC Milan etc in it.

Liverpools glory days are behind them sadly......Still a good team like.
GL anyway ...... ;)

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ViscaBarcaInter said:
Very good read about a great club. :thmbup:

Although some of that list is blatant padding and you know it. :D:D:D

True enough. I hope both of our clubs get through to the next round. I wouldn't mind playing and beating Barca in the final


It'll never happen from our side, but I can dream, right?

Freedom for all
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Skipper Gerrard said:
True enough. I hope both of our clubs get through to the next round. I wouldn't mind playing and beating Barca in the final


It'll never happen from our side, but I can dream, right?
Yes you can, I have the same dream. Of course, I'm not bothered about who we would play, just getting there would be something. :D
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