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Your thoughts on the new World Game? Better than the last one? Worse? The same?

edit (Andreas) : No advertising..............

;) (just kidding :D )
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Seriously the site is no different that it was before :fero: :frustrat: :groan:. The content is still the same + a few audiovisual pieces from time to time (which therefore means a disgusting bias towards English football although that is Sportal's fault not SBS). The site is also no faster than it was previously.

Its supposedly the best site in Australia but then again it doesn't have that much competition and therefore SBS don't exactly feel any need to either take over the site themselves or have it improved substantially
I think the site isn't any better. I was expecting something huge! But it is really the same with fewer stories on the front page to pull me in. As Andreas said, it takes the same time to open and in the end I don't think it is any better than b4...:)
Yes I must agree with you guys I was expecting a much better revamp but it turns out the site is pretty much the same.

But we sould be grateful that we have got such a great site :cool:
Yeah, ur not wrong there Adrian. SBS is responsable for all the soccer we have here. It's is really great that they have the site there for us...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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