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Reading from a reliable source about Sukur, and i discovered that he is very emotional, whether a positive or a negative influence would greatly change his game:

"Tall, British-style centre-forward, known as "Big Hakan" by idolising fans. Has an impressive goal-scoring record despite a reputation for being over-sensitive and emotional on occasions."

That's not the problem, but this COULD, maybe, possible, be:
C"Completed an ill-fated transfer to Torino for a reported 2.5 million German marks ($1.5 million) in 1995. Became seriously homesick -- newspapers reported him missing his favourite kebabs -- and after just five appearances for the Italian club he was dispatched back to Galatsaray for an estimated 1.8 million marks."

Sounds like another GEO doesn't it? The good part is that he is not our main source of attack, but i am egar to see he in action, due to the fact that i 've heard SOOOO much about him.

What do you guys think?

:) or :( ?

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don't worry Mr.President,when you'll see him an action you can see that he can be one of your main sources of attack...
Now he's not the same Hakan who played for Torino,he has won 4 Turkish league title and 1 UEFA Cup since then...he's more mature.It's true,he's very emotional but he can make a very good job for you if he knows you support him...

I know some of Inter fans have doubts about him but don't forget,some top class european teams including AC Milan,AS Roma,Fioretina,Bayern Munich and Liverpool are also interested him (doesn't it mean he's not a bad player?)but he choose Inter(i think it's a good choice for him)

and one more thing,i don't think he left Torino for Turkish kebabs...he needs a powerful team who makes serious championship challange(like Inter) and Torino relegated that year as i remember...
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