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Worrisome Benfiquista

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Hey All-

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend!

Albeit, I am sure everyone saw the game this past weekend which to me, brought tears to my eyes when Simao was shown before the game and the Luz gave him a standing ovation, let's not even get into the starting 11 and the shirts they wore. I think he will rehab strong because of all the support he has.

Now for the game, as I was eating my Bifana and drinking my Super Bock I could not belive how many F Bombs I dropped every time Miguel lost the ball. He gets into the penalty area and then doesn't know what to do. He's the craps which is why Benfica needs to lose him. He was more dissapointing than anyone outside of Pessarissi. Why Jesualdo started that guy is beyond my imagination!

Mantorras, was visibly rusty and I can't fault him for that. He tried his best and came close on one remate. Carlitos looked well and to me should have started the game because he provides the electricity that Drulovic lacks on the other side.

Drulovic and ZZ did all the work. All the balls came through them but no one there to slot home. As for Cabral, him and Argel had a mix-up on Braga's goal but I think Cabral played decent and made his runs well on the flank...

Needless to say, Mantorras and Jana will be back this week but someone better know what to do with the ball when the opportunity aligns itself....

Nuff said...Any other thoughts are welcome!
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i think Miguel was there simply cos of recent goal scoring form. I think we need Jankauskas back soon as we could use his scoring touch.
I thought Miguel played well, just - as you said - lacked finishing.

I'm with you on Paseresi:confused: :confused:
How long is that italien miss fit contracted to? Cant we offload him to Porto or something;)
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