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2002 World Cup TV schedule in Canada

May 31 France vs. Senegal 7:30am CBC

June 1
Ireland vs. Cameroon 2:30am TSN
Uruguay vs. Denmark 5:00am TSN
Germany vs. Saudi Arabia8:00am TSN

June 2
Argentina vs. Nigeria 1:30am TSN
Paraguay vs. South Africa3:30am TSN
England vs. Sweden 5:30am TSN
Spain vs. Slovenia 7:30am TSN

June 3
Croatia vs. Mexico 2:30am TSN
Brazil vs. Turkey 5:00am TSN
Italy vs. Ecuador 7:30am TSN

June 4
China vs. Costa Rica 2:30am TSN
Japan vs. Belgium 5:00am TSN
South Korea vs. Poland 7:30am TSN

June 5
Russia vs. Tunisia 2:30am TSN
USA vs. Portugal 5:00am TSN
Germany vs. Ireland 7:30am TSN

June 6
Denmark vs. Senegal 2:30am TSN
Cameroon vs. Saudi Arabia5:00am TSN
France vs. Uruguay 7:30am TSN

June 7
Sweden vs. Nigeria 2:30am TSN
Spain vs. Paraguay 5:00am TSN
Argentina vs. England 7:30am TSN

June 8
South Africa vs. Slovenia2:30am TSN
Italy vs. Croatia 5:00am TSN
Brazil vs. China 7:30am TSN

June 9
Mexico vs. Ecuador 2:30am TSN
Costa Rica vs. Turkey 5:00am TSN
Japan vs. Russia 7:30am TSN

June 10
South Korea vs. USA 2:30am TSN
Tunisia vs. Belgium 5:00am TSN
Portugal vs. Poland 7:30am TSN

June 11
Denmark vs. France 2:30am TSN
Senegal vs. Uruguay 4:30am* TSN
Cameroon vs. Germany 7:30am TSN
Saudi Arabia vs. Ireland 9:30am* TSN

June 12
Nigeria vs. England 2:30am TSN
Sweden vs. Argentina 4:30am* TSN
South Africa vs. Spain 7:30am TSN
Slovenia vs. Paraguay 9:30am* TSN

June 13
Costa Rica vs. Brazil 2:30am TSN
Turkey vs. China 4:30am* TSN
Mexico vs. Italy 7:30am* TSN
Ecuador vs. Croatia 9:30am* TSN

June 14
Tunisia vs. Japan 2:30am TSN
Belgium vs. Russia 4:30am* TSN
Poland vs. USA 7:30am TSN
Portugal vs. South Korea9:30am* TSN

June 15

Second Round

1:1ST E v 2ND B 2:30am TSN
2: 1ST A v 2ND F 7:30am TSN

June 16

Second Round

3:1ST F v 2ND A 2:30am TSN
4:1ST B v 2ND E 7:30am TSN

June 17

Second Round

5:1ST G v 2ND D 2:30am TSN
6:1ST C v 2ND H 7:30am TSN

June 18

Second Round

7:1ST H v 2ND C 2:30am TSN
8:1ST D v 2ND G 7:30am TSN

June 21


A:winners of 2 v winners 6 2:30am TSN
B:winners of 1 v winners 5 7:30am TSN

June 22


C:winners 4 v winners 8 2:30am TSN
D:winners 3 v winners 7 7:30am TSN

June 25

Semifinal match #1 winners B v winners C 7:30AM CBC

June 26

Semifinal match #2 winners A v winners D 7:30am CBC

June 29

Third place match 7:00am CBC

June 30

World Cup final 7:00 a.m. CBC

* Game shown on tape delay basis

All times are EST.

The (CBC) will also air 25 "matches of the day" via same-day tape delay at 7pm EST.

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Re: hmmm...

Jarrek said:
Is it just me or are there going to be a lot of sleepless nights come summertime ? :)
Trust me it's not just you.

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But what really sucks big time this year, is that we probably won't be able to go party right afte the games or watch the games, in a bar, with friends or lots of people. I wonder if any bars will be open at those hours...

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where's this bar of yours located?:tongue:
However, we should organize something for the latest stage of the tournament where we would all or most of us gather to watch the game together, to give it some atmosphere and not be watching the game each of us along at our homes.

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Try to keep up with the tour, Sebastian! ;)

If you look at the schedule in the first post of this thread you will see that TSN and the CBC, between them, are carrying all the games live, except for the ones that are played simultaneously with another game, on June 11,12,13,14. In those instances, TSN is showing them on a 2-hour tape delay.

The evening taped games on CBC will be games that have already been broadcast [mostly live] the previous night.

And no, FoxSWC does not have the World Cup rights. TSN and CBC are the sole rights holders for Canada.

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Holy ****!!!!!

I don't know about you but i am fed up that the last few major tournaments had to be held somewhere far in the pacific! Im fed up with it! I hate the fact that i have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, just to see a match! like ....what the hell?

This is some insane stuff.........

Thats why we need to make world cup possible in the african/euro and north/south american continents :)

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Strange as it may seem, the world of soccer does not revolve around you and your personal convenience.

There are millions of Asians who have been waiting a very long time to have World Cup games played in their prime time.

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Strangely enough, like you and the last thread i made...

you always seem to see things my way (the right way) upside down, and inside out...

Look at the socio-economic system for the World Cup.....

We, North Americans have big time promtions and advertisement, we also have alot of money flowing to the companies and to the whole WC System generator.

They, the Asians, don't even pay for much. most of there things are counterfeilt and they get illegal TV which makes them purposley not very affordable target market group! :)

They need to fix corruption A.S.A.P, than we'll talk about WC, its all a sham! :D
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