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2002 World Cup TV schedule in Canada

May 31 France vs. Senegal 7:30am CBC

June 1
Ireland vs. Cameroon 2:30am TSN
Uruguay vs. Denmark 5:00am TSN
Germany vs. Saudi Arabia8:00am TSN

June 2
Argentina vs. Nigeria 1:30am TSN
Paraguay vs. South Africa3:30am TSN
England vs. Sweden 5:30am TSN
Spain vs. Slovenia 7:30am TSN

June 3
Croatia vs. Mexico 2:30am TSN
Brazil vs. Turkey 5:00am TSN
Italy vs. Ecuador 7:30am TSN

June 4
China vs. Costa Rica 2:30am TSN
Japan vs. Belgium 5:00am TSN
South Korea vs. Poland 7:30am TSN

June 5
Russia vs. Tunisia 2:30am TSN
USA vs. Portugal 5:00am TSN
Germany vs. Ireland 7:30am TSN

June 6
Denmark vs. Senegal 2:30am TSN
Cameroon vs. Saudi Arabia5:00am TSN
France vs. Uruguay 7:30am TSN

June 7
Sweden vs. Nigeria 2:30am TSN
Spain vs. Paraguay 5:00am TSN
Argentina vs. England 7:30am TSN

June 8
South Africa vs. Slovenia2:30am TSN
Italy vs. Croatia 5:00am TSN
Brazil vs. China 7:30am TSN

June 9
Mexico vs. Ecuador 2:30am TSN
Costa Rica vs. Turkey 5:00am TSN
Japan vs. Russia 7:30am TSN

June 10
South Korea vs. USA 2:30am TSN
Tunisia vs. Belgium 5:00am TSN
Portugal vs. Poland 7:30am TSN

June 11
Denmark vs. France 2:30am TSN
Senegal vs. Uruguay 4:30am* TSN
Cameroon vs. Germany 7:30am TSN
Saudi Arabia vs. Ireland 9:30am* TSN

June 12
Nigeria vs. England 2:30am TSN
Sweden vs. Argentina 4:30am* TSN
South Africa vs. Spain 7:30am TSN
Slovenia vs. Paraguay 9:30am* TSN

June 13
Costa Rica vs. Brazil 2:30am TSN
Turkey vs. China 4:30am* TSN
Mexico vs. Italy 7:30am* TSN
Ecuador vs. Croatia 9:30am* TSN

June 14
Tunisia vs. Japan 2:30am TSN
Belgium vs. Russia 4:30am* TSN
Poland vs. USA 7:30am TSN
Portugal vs. South Korea9:30am* TSN

June 15

Second Round

1:1ST E v 2ND B 2:30am TSN
2: 1ST A v 2ND F 7:30am TSN

June 16

Second Round

3:1ST F v 2ND A 2:30am TSN
4:1ST B v 2ND E 7:30am TSN

June 17

Second Round

5:1ST G v 2ND D 2:30am TSN
6:1ST C v 2ND H 7:30am TSN

June 18

Second Round

7:1ST H v 2ND C 2:30am TSN
8:1ST D v 2ND G 7:30am TSN

June 21


A:winners of 2 v winners 6 2:30am TSN
B:winners of 1 v winners 5 7:30am TSN

June 22


C:winners 4 v winners 8 2:30am TSN
D:winners 3 v winners 7 7:30am TSN

June 25

Semifinal match #1 winners B v winners C 7:30AM CBC

June 26

Semifinal match #2 winners A v winners D 7:30am CBC

June 29

Third place match 7:00am CBC

June 30

World Cup final 7:00 a.m. CBC

* Game shown on tape delay basis

All times are EST.

The (CBC) will also air 25 "matches of the day" via same-day tape delay at 7pm EST.
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