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My old girlfriend actually really liked football, which is apparntly a really attractive thing for many males. Not for me anymore.

Football is an escapeism so when your lass knows just as much about football as you and doesnt even support the same team as you, your love for football ends up getting lower as its tainted.

The relationship kind of went wrong when we drew 1-1 to Gillingham last year,we were still unbeaten, but we were 1-0 up and had both our strikers sent off, they then equilized in the very last minute. I was supposed to go out that night with her and her best mate and her man. I just rang her up and said i was too gutted to do anything for the rest of the weekend. And didnt :D

Oh women by the way.

Football makes me happy maybe once a week at most, when we win. A girl makes me happy every day :smileani:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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