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Christian Woerns has a suspected torn knee ligament, and is expected to be very lucky to make Euro 2000, but at the moment it's doubtful.

Quite a blow to German coach Erick Ribbeck, Woerns is one of the few players in teh provisional squad with experience.

Staying with the "Mannschaft", Captain Olivier Bierhoff wants Ribbeck to take influential and deeply experienced players such as Thomas Hassler,Stefan Effenberg, and Mario Basler. Basler has made himslef available for the national team, while Effenberg says he doesn't want to play for Germany. Hassler has played well this season, but is unlikely to be picked, that would be more seen as a mistake, hopefully Bierhoff can convince Ribbeck to take at least one of those 3 gifted players.

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yes, Wörns suffered a knee injury in the derby against Schalke 04 this weekend.
So he won´t be able to compete in Euro 2000.
Ribbeck will have huge problems with his defense now.

Effenberg, Basler, Häßler:
I don´t think either that Ribbeck will decide to take Häßler to the European Championships. Sure, he played a good season, but only because he is the star at 1860 München and the system is build around him.
Effenberg refuses to play for Germany, so I think Ribbeck should pick Mario Basler.
Basler can be a world-class player if he wants to.

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What first was doubtful for Woerns is now definite. It was likely, he needs to rest for 6 weeks, which really means he's out of Euro 2000.

Ribbeck claims the door is still open for Hassler, but if Ribbeck keeps on gambling on this player wether to take him or not, his patience may run out and Hassler himself decide not to go if the coach can't even make his mind up. Basler could make or break it for Germany, let's hope he makes something out of it should he be picked. Effenberg who is in great form right now, and the national team desperately needs an influential and leader like him, Matthaus can not do it alone.
This time there is no Sammer, he would have been such a boost if he was still around.
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