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Adding to the Joseba Llorente to Athletic rumour, apparently there were Athletic "spys" in the Alavés-Eibar, let´s add some more rumours.


Apparently Benítez likes him and Xabi Alonso is giving good reports, remember they are friends since they played together in Antiguoko. The new can be scary until you read inside how an english journalist talks about a 3 millions € deal,:howler: yeah well, Andoni´s clause is of 20 million so if they want him they know what they have to do. But even if they pay the clause I don´t see Andoni leaving, he seems to be an intelligent guy.;) Anyway, this serves to demonstrate Andoni is doing well.

New rumours are about loans, Igor Angulo to Numancia, Joseba Arriaga and Solabarrieta to Elche. If they aren´t going to play I prefer to loan them although both Angulo and Arriaga can´t leave at the same time, we need someone for the left. I prefer Angulo although from what I´ve read today Valverde isn´t happy with him since apparently he isn´t working hard on trainings.
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