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The wingers must work harder in the games.
Either Fran or Victor had a good game against valencia.
no good crossing, no one to ones.
look at victor when he had a bad first half instead of work harder he just stayed and waited for the ball instead of seeking open areas.
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I think our wingers are the last to accuse in our loss. They did their best, especially Victor who crossed the ball nicely for Makaay. But if we'd take wingbacks then I'd agree- they are the ones who could be accused. Capdevila was just useless against the fast and skilful Rufete, Romero and Naybet had to clean up after him all the time :rolleyes:. Scaloni wasn't confident either on his wing and allowed some dangerous crosses.
Makaay has to work harder to convert his chances to goals!!:frustrat:
Well mrWolf, Irureta might have heard you ;)

Rumours go around that Deportivo will be looking to strenghten the wings for next year. Especially Giggs showed Depor that having a fast, strong, technical player can break down defences...

Fran and Víctor Sánchez are just of the same kind. And especially Víctor is having a disappointing season...

im with baile...
Leon, I really don't know how we could improve our wingers for the next season. I mean, we have great wingers, it's one of the strongest points of our squad and Fran (backup Amavisca) and Victor (backup Makaay&Scaloni) are class for La Liga.
There is no second Giggs and we won't get any good wingers for the little cash we have, the idea stinks!
In the red corner: Bailemos and SuperPauleta

In the blue corner: Leon and Mrwolf

remember MrWolf(pulp fiction) and Leon (leon)are booth Hitmans :D

anyway i belive the wingers is out of form.
out of form....

thats very different from .... suck....
mrwolf said:
In the red corner: Bailemos and SuperPauleta

In the blue corner: Leon and Mrwolf

remember MrWolf(pulp fiction) and Leon (leon)are booth Hitmans :D
Deportivistas fighting against each other!?:eek::D
mrwolf said:
anyway i belive the wingers is out of form.
And replace these guys out of form??:tongue::D

Anyway, I think Fran is in form, the only one out of form might be Victor Sanchez but Makaay plays fine at the wing position currently. Still, compare Victor's form to Duscher's or Capdevila's or Scaloni's and you'll see what a bad form is...:(
Victor is young and is still learning. He has talent, just needs to make better use of it. Next season he may step up a level and really be a key figure for Depor.
The same can kinda be said for Duscher.
How about Ze Roberto?
Many leversuken would leave the club after this season
may be we can buy him in a good price( under 10M pounds)
Zé Roberto seems to be going to Bayern, that's his wish. Many pundits have said that he is the key player for Leverkusen next to Ballack, that has certainly raised his price. Fran is still very good and we don't need another winger IMO, escpecially for that price :dazed:. Seems correct to me, £10 M, but too much for a very good player we don't need. Fran is our captain, he doesn't need a competitor of a very high level, we already have Amavisca if Fran happens to be out of form.
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