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Everybody lost the plot !!! I´m very happy that Lazio won Lo Scudetto but if things won´t change for the future just because of this ( very deserved victory ) it should never have happened.

I can´t and won´t forget that the team that lost was Parma and no other team. Let me explain: Each game that is played has to be considered an isolated event and it shouldn´t matter if it´s the first, middle or last game of the season. In Serie A the standards of the refs has been deteriorating steadily for the last couple of years and this might have been a pyrrus victory.

Parma lost 1 point and thus a CL place - to me that´s all that matters !! You can not deny the consequenses of this - no CL means a huge loss of income, it means that the best players might shrug at the thought of joining, it means a whole year lost in terms of publicity.

Parma would be wise to forget the UEFA cup for next season and spend 110% on winning Lo Scudetto.

On a different note: Parma this season did not have a Scudetto team and if you look at their midfield they are at the position they deserve to be - even 1 place higher ( if we are honest ). No doubting that Inter have on paper a better team then Parma.

None of that matters because Inters outstanding team had injury problems just like Parma and at the end it came down to one point and that point was robbed.

I hope that Parma continue to invest in a Scudetto winning team and that they keep dazzling us with great football.

I also hope that Cragnotti won´t continue on this path but rather that he teams up with the presidents of Parma, Roma and Inter to seek a way of breaking Milans / Juves stronghold on Serie A.

Forza Parma !!
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