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olsen said he'd sell all players that didnt' adapt to his strategy,and who are contract rebels, unhappy or useless...

thus it might happen that he could let players like carl cort,john hartson, jason euell, ben thatcher,..etc all sold!! :D

thus we could get our thatcher!

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I like Thatcher,but we should DEFINITELY go for Michael Hughes,he would be the IDEAL back up for Berger!

PLUS he wouldnt cost much as he is on the frinlges after a fight with Olsen.

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it's true that if olsen wants to get rid of some players..these ones would be much cheaper...

at some time ,carl cort for ex..was valued at 10M..and now leeds and arsenal are prepared to bid for only 5M!

if micheal hughes only a left winger!??
i thought he used to play as playmaker also..
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