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Well, others have the CrIbBa or the cacophonic AdIbBa, or even the KaPaRo. We, more modestly, have the ZaPaRo... and that's a good fact that we have such lethal players in the team, I'm sure Rossi has already thought some ways to field those three players at the same time, although practically they have never played together. Then, I agree that against defensive minded opposition (especially at the Olimpico) fielding the trident would be easier than, for example, some top teams away. I think the key is how our midfield could bear the burden of the trident. Brocchi and Lichtsteiner on the right provides a good defensive play. On the other wing, some problems could arise because Mauri's defensive abilities are next to 0 (zero) and Kolarov has still to learn to push the brake down sometimes. Dabo on the left could be the right move, since Matuzalem and Meghni are spending more time with doctors than with team mates. Pity for Foggia, anyway. He has had a very good start to this season, and for sure deserved to be called up in the Italian National team. If Perrotta wears the blue shirt of Italy, I see no reason why Pasquale could not.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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