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Will Lippi play three forwards?

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Ok Inter fans the 525i asks this? Will Lippi play three forwards? The great one says to start Recoba on the left, Vieri center, and salas on the right. It has been confirmed that salas is Nerazzuri now. If you want to see it for yourself go to www.italian-soccer.com and click on news, and go to the crespo article under 7/9.
Also what about Sukur?? Maybe he should enter as a sub, or start on sunday when Inter has a champs league game on wednesday. Or vice versa.
What happens when R9 comes back? R9-Vieri-Salas???
With Pirlo and Seedorf behind them?? Can they both play at the same time. THe 525i will now go figure this out on his Sony PLaystation Fifa 00. In the meantime lets get some answers.....
Counting the days until....... OCTOBER!!!!!!
<IF you smellaaaaaalallalalalaowwwwwowwwwwwwww what the 525i IS COOKIN>
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The answer is, I am not too sure.

First off I believe that Lippi should be playing a 3-4-1-2. With Georgatos, DiBi, Jugovic, Zanetti and Cauet, Inter have one of the hardest working midfields out there. This should enable them to place Pirlo as a playmaker behind two strikers.

Now this was expected last season and it never happened - go figure. Lippi likes to talk about all the formations he can use but never will.

I am sure Inter could play with 3 strikers, it is worth a try. But knowing how risk averse our coach is, I think it is going to be a long wait.
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