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We always don't know what our boss will pick our team!But I think,as Manta said,we have what it takes to play a 3 men attack,a hardworking midfield!Zanetti-Seedorf-GigiDiB-Serena!Pirlo can then play as a playmaker behind Vieri-Salas!Another problem is that if Lippi doesn;t play a 3 men attack,he'll have to leave 3 or 4 strikers on bench,they're not Russo,Siniglia or Mutu if you know what I mean,they're Pirlo,Recoba,Sukur and don;t forget R9!!!There would be complains and chaos in the locker room!!Well,it's just guessing and finally the choice will be in the hands of Lippi,we'll see...

Forza Inter!!
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