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Will INTER have enough???

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if you look around at some of the Serie A teams, most of them are getting stronger....Lazio, who got Peruzzi, Lopez, and now Trezeget, seem to be getting stronger....Roma, who got Emerson and Batistuta, are also getting stronger.....my question is, with Pirlo possibly going to Napoli on loan(i have heard taht this may come true), do INTER have what it takes to compete with Roma and Lazio??
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yes there is alotta stregnthening going on down south isn't there....and it is true that both Lazio and Roma have much better teams on paper than we do.

But look at Milan and Juve they have much worst squads on paper than we do and look at them.

I long for the days when another team provides the buybuybuy comedy of Serie A and not INTER. Looks like if Roma are taking up the challenge.

I for one aam happy because although we might lose to Roma in the head to head i am positive like when it comes t Milan vs. INTER that the team with the most continuity will finish higher up.
Inter needs Bobo to be fit, then we'll be alright

Without Bobo, Inter are screwed, without R9 theyv'e managed to cope with.
yes, inter will have enough. inter has enough already! if roma and lazio want to buy, buy, buy, let them do it. inter has proved already that buying, buying, buying does not work.
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