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The big question now is that if Bati will perform, In Fiorentina he was the star with the big S, he was the captain, he was the hero of the crowd, He was the Angel of Firenze.

In Roma there are a lot more stars and if he doesn't perform well in the first matches the crowd can turn against him very fast.

Roma has the most stupid fans in the whole world, because they destroyed their own Gianninis day, the man who gave them so much. There is a reason why he was called the Prince.

Bati will not have the same role in Roma that he did in Fiorentina, and the jersey number fight just reminds of the one Baggio and Savicevic had in Milan. We all know how it went with Baggio there. But hey, he did win the Scudetto in his first season, maybe Bati will do the same, who knows??
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