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Wilkins: A crucial win

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Assistant manager Ray Wilkins admitted Millwall had ridden their luck to record a crucial 1-0 win at Cardiff on Tuesday.

The south London side - who had midfielders Alan Dunne and David Livermore sent off in injury time - moved to within three points of a play-off place thanks to Danny Dichio's first-half penalty.

But the home side created several scoring opportunities, as Wilkins acknowledged.

"In fairness Cardiff had their chances and it could have gone either way, but it was a clear-cut penalty that eventually won it for us," he said.

"We battled away and had a go as we have in all our recent games and it was a great shame that frustration set in at the end and marred what was a good performance.

"We were resolute in defence and it was a very important win because it gives us a glimmer of the play-offs once again."
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Your name speaks for itself :D
Not been here in ages, and that's the welcome I get :D
Eddie said:
Your name speaks for itself :D
:) :) :)
bartle said:
Good to see people are still supporting their local footie team :shades: So is Balis and Stupid still protroling these parts?
yeah they are still :groan: :groan: :pp

any chances of good old Bob Peeters getting into the starting line-up soon btw ? :D
Who know's. I haven't seen much about him for a while. He's probably do better in his condition now than Dobie, Hayles etc...
Cor yeah sorry, just noticed.

Hi, glad to see your still around :)
I see Dobie didn't last long with you guys.
Nah, but that was down to the chairman rather than Wise. Not sure how things are gonna go in the summer. The new chairman sounds like a knob, and there is talk of Wise possibly going to Leeds. I don't think that will happen but all this talk makes for unhappy times at the wall.

See you've settled in well here after the fall of the ITV forums. I'm global modding on another footie forum so most of my time is spent there. still take a look at past forums, but thought I'd pop back and see how things are here.
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