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I consider the situation to be somewhat weird as well. I know it wont happen, but suppose its the last game of the season between his current club, and Hertha. Hertha have unexpectadly underachieved and are only a loss away from relegation. Wichniarek has a penalty to put the game away, and therefore resign himself to second division play. I know it won't happen, but just a thought.

Hopefully he becomes a very good player. I also am looking forward to Euro 2004 (if we qualify). A midfield including Krzynowek, Smolarek, Karwan would be wonderful. A front-line of Oli and Wichniarek (if he gets a call) would be a very solid block. Our defence would most likely be the same, but it would be a veteran group. There is also Rzasa and Radomski to think of. We have the tools it seems, but not sure if it could be put together.
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